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Best Gas Grills – Updated for 2020, a Model for Every Need and Budget!

Here are 10 of the best gas grills available on the market today, with helpful, unbiased reviews to help you decide if any are the right product for you.

Last Updated: May 29, 2020 | 43 min read

Steak, burgers, onion and mushrooms being seared on a gas grill
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If you love to cook outdoors, but you’re not interested in messing around with a bunch of charcoal, or you have a charcoal grill, but you’d also like the option of simply firing up at a moment’s notice, then you’re in the right place with our guide to the best gas grills in 2020.

There are tons of gas grills available to choose from with a confusing array of options and prices ranging from under $100 up into the thousands. How will you know which one is best for you?

Easy – you find that out right here!

In this article, we’ll talk about why you might want a gas grill (in case you’re still on the fence), what features you should look for, and what factors you should consider.

One of those factors is your budget, and that’s why we’ve reviewed and recommended the 10 best gas grills at a variety of price points.

So read on to find your new grill today.

At a Glance: Our Top Recommendations for Best Gas Grill

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Best Gas Grill Reviews

First up, we’re ready to present our number one choice for your grilling dollar.

Best Overall Gas Grill: Weber 61010001 Genesis II E-310

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who know how great a Weber barbecue is and people who just haven’t owned one yet. If you fall into the second category, now’s the time to find out what everyone else already knows.

Weber 61010001 Genesis II E-310 Black LP...

First impressions of the Genesis II E-310 are very good; it looks solid, well built, spacious, and shiny. Available in either propane or natural gas, this reliable grill covers most of the bases the average griller requires.

Let’s start with the burners. With three available burners, it’s easy to set up your temperature zones for searing and indirect cooking. This means you can get those grill marks and then shift your steak over to finish cooking through, or you can leave a roast on to cook by convection.

Unlike on cheaper grills, you’ll get consistent, even heat along the entire length of the burner – no more hot spots near the back! You’ll even get a bit of smoke added thanks to the flavorizer bars catching and burning off the drippings.

Speaking of drippings, anything that gets past the bars will be collected in a handy drip tray easily accessed under the cookbox.

Below the grease collector, you’ll find a convenient shelf (one of two) for storing your tools. The tank mounts under the right-side shelf, freeing up a lot of room. There are also six handy hooks for hanging your BBQ tools while you cook.

The cooking grates are made of porcelain-enameled cast iron and will not only conduct heat evenly, but they’ll also last for years with proper care. The rest of the grill is made of stainless steel, and the lid is also porcelain-enameled. The whole grill is built to last.

Unique to Weber Genesis is the iGrill3 thermometer system. This model is iGrill3-ready, meaning it was designed to accommodate Weber’s proprietary Bluetooth thermometer.

Not an essential feature, but it’s nice to have, and we do highly recommend owning a digital thermometer. There’s a thermometer built into the lid, of course, but these are never accurate enough for determining if your meat is ready.

What’s in The Box

  • Stand
  • Cookbox including 3 burner tubes
  • 4 wheels – 2 fixed, 2 swiveling/locking casters
  • Middle wire rack with a removable drip tray
  • Snap-in lower shelf slats
  • 2 side shelves – 1 folding, 1 fixed
  • 5 flavorizer bars
  • 2 grates
  • Upper warming shelf
  • Propane gauge


  • Fuel Type: Choose from propane OR natural gas version
  • Number of Main Burners: 3
  • Secondary Burners: 0
  • Ignition type: electronic rotary knob
  • BTU: 37,500
  • Heat Flux: 10
  • Primary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 513
  • Secondary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 156
  • Total Cooking Area: 669
  • Build Materials: Stainless steel body and work surfaces, porcelain-enameled cast iron grates
  • Warranty (years): 10

This Grill is for You if…

You’re just getting into barbecuing and don’t want to start at the bottom; you already own a smoker or a kamado and want a good, dependable barbecue for straight-up grilling; or you’re ready to upgrade from your starter grill.

Another Model Might Be Better for You If…

You plan on cooking big meals all at once, since there are no side or accessory burners; or, you frequently cook for a very large crowd and need more grilling surface.

What We Like

  • Three burners are enough to create different heat zones
  • Grease management system reduces the risk of flare up and gunk build up
  • Four wheels including 2 locking casters for easy maneuvering

What We Don’t Like

  • A lack of side/accessory burners limits your cooking options
  • Storage area is generous, but an enclosed space is more practical for long-term storage


This is one of those cases where enough boxes are ticked to make a product stand out. It isn’t the best at everything, but it is very good at everything it offers. Grilling on the Weber Genesis II E-310 will be a genuine pleasure, no matter your skill level.

There are bigger grills, cheaper ones, and those with more bells and whistles. But, you will not likely find a grill that functions as consistently at this quality level. For straight-up grilling, this is the gold standard.

Check out the detailed pictures and a short video at the supplied link. You could even jump right in, skip the rest of the article (though you shouldn’t, ‘cos it’s really good) and place your order now. We certainly wouldn’t blame you 😉


Check Price on Amazon


Runner-Up: Weber Spirit II E-310 – Model 45010001

Not convinced our top pick is the one for you? Try this beauty on for size! It was a tough decision, and this fantastic grill didn’t come in second place by much.

Weber again? While we aren’t just shills for the brand, we do recognize a good product when we see it. And this is a damn good product.

Like all Weber grills, the Spirit II looks great just sitting there. It has clean lines, just enough stainless steel to look pro-grade, and the stand inspires confidence with its robust legs and large wheels. You can even choose from four hood colors: black, white, red, and sapphire.

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner...

The Spirit II E-310 offers many of the same excellent features as our top pick, the Genesis II E-310, but in a scaled-down package.

For starters, you have the same high-grade burner tubes that burn evenly from end-to-end. This allows for consistent cooking temperatures across the entire grate. There are three of them, allowing for easy set up of temperature zones for searing and finishing, or convection cooking of larger cuts.

Here, too, is the handy grease management system, which may actually be even more nicely packaged on the Spirit II than on the Genesis II.

Channeling all the grease drips into a single pan makes for easy clean up when you’re done. Between this and the flavorizer bars, which vaporize most drips and turn them into flavorful smoke, you’ll have almost no worries about flare-ups scorching your dinner.

The Weber Spirit ii E-310 comes standard with numerous convenient features including twin side shelves (one folding), tool hooks, and a lower storage shelf. All of these features combine to provide a superior grilling experience, free of “where the heck am I going to put this down?” moments.

Propane models come with a fuel gauge, so you’ll never run dry and be left stranded – assuming you remember to check it. And, it’s set up for the iGrill3 thermometer system, a nifty add-on for Weber fans to monitor cook temperatures via Bluetooth on their phones.

What’s in The Box

  • Stand
  • Cookbox including 3 burner tubes
  • Hood thermometer
  • 2 fixed wheels
  • Grease management system with removable drip tray
  • Snap-in lower shelf slats
  • 2 side shelves – 1 folding, 1 fixed
  • 5 flavorizer bars
  • 2 grates
  • Upper warming shelf
  • Propane gauge


  • Fuel Type: Choose from propane OR natural gas version
  • Number of Main Burners: 3
  • Secondary Burners: 0
  • Ignition type: electronic push-button
  • BTU: 30,000
  • Heat Flux: 75
  • Primary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 424
  • Secondary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 105
  • Total Cooking Area: 529
  • Build Materials: Stainless steel body and work surfaces, porcelain-enameled cast iron grates
  • Warranty (years): 10

This Grill is for You if…

You cook for an average-sized family; you want your first grill to be a good one, but want to stick to a more modest budget; you know quality BBQ, but you’re mainly a smoker and low ‘n’ slow type of person and want to grill a bit on the side.

Another Model Might Be Better for You If…

Outdoor cooking is your life, and you’d like to have side burners and other cooking options; you’ve got a big crew at home or grill for parties and need more real estate under the hood; or, you expect to move your grill around a lot and would benefit from four wheels.

What We Like

  • 3 burners for creating heat zones with ease
  • Comes in 4 colors – choose your style or match your patio furniture
  • High-quality materials and finish
  • Grease is channeled into a tray for easy cleanup

What We Don’t Like

  • With only two wheels, moving it around will be a bit awkward
  • No side burners for extra cooking space
  • Storage area is smaller than some we looked at (but at least it’s there!)


There is a lot to like about this grill, even though there’s not actually a lot of it there. Though for the average family, it’s hard to imagine needing much more.

Operation will be simple (the Infinity Ignition system is SO easy to use!), consistent, and hassle-free. If you’re sick of cheap grills and want a barbecue that functions so smoothly you’ll end up taking it for granted, look no further than the Weber Spirit II E-310.

The only hard part will be choosing your color!

You can peruse the color choices, and inspect detailed pictures of the grills many features at the link provided.


Check Price on Amazon


Best Budget-Friendly Gas Grill: Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill

Love to grill, but you’re sticking to a tighter budget than our top two picks allow? Or, are you more casual about your grilling and don’t feel the need to spend much on a barbecue? Then you’ll love our next pick!

Char-Broil has built a business out of making good quality, cost-effective grills for budget-minded consumers. They aren’t the very best grills out there, but that’s ok; not everyone needs the best. But no one needs the worst!

For casual grilling, this ‘cue is hard to beat.

Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet...

At first glance, you might confuse the closed-cabinet style grill for some sort of tool locker for your garage or workshop. That’s actually not such a bad thing! It’s nice not to see the propane tank, and the cart looks durable and workman-like.

The stainless steel hood looks great, and we even like the position of the electronic ignitor, placed right between the two burner control knobs for aesthetically pleasing symmetry.

Under the hood of the Performance 300, you’ll find twin stainless steel burners and porcelain-coated cast iron grates. We’re happy about the quality of the grates, and they should last a long time.

With two burners, you’ll still be able to create temperature zones, though not as effectively as on a model with 3 or more. The warming rack is a nice bonus you won’t always find on a small grill, and it’s perfect for your buns, or doing up some veg while the meat cooks on the main grate.

The slide-out drip pan is another terrific convenience feature usually not found on budget grills. No soup-can-on-a-hook here!

Plus, you get two very generous fold-down side shelves for holding your tools, condiments, seasonings, and food waiting to hit the grill. For more storage, just open the cabinet door and utilize any space that isn’t taken up by the propane tank.

For a more detailed look at this grill, you can view our dedicated Char-Broil performance 300 review.

What’s in The Box

  • Stand with 1 door
  • Cookbox including 2 burner tubes
  • Hood thermometer
  • 4 casters – 2 locking, 2 free-rolling
  • Grease management system with removable drip tray
  • Match lighting system
  • 2 folding side shelves
  • 2 grates
  • Upper warming shelf


  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Number of Main Burners: 2
  • Secondary Burners: 0
  • Ignition type: electronic push-button
  • BTU: 24,000
  • Heat Flux: 80
  • Primary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 300
  • Secondary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 100
  • Total Cooking Area: 400
  • Build Materials: Stainless steel lid and cookbox, stainless steel burners, porcelain-coated cast iron grates, painted steel shelves
  • Warranty (years): Burners – 5, Cookbox/Lid – 2, Other parts – 1

This Grill is for You if…

You are a casual/occasion griller; you don’t have a lot of space to work with, but don’t want a tabletop/portable grill; you only have a small family to cook for; or, you don’t want to spend much money, but don’t want junk, either.

Another Model Might Be Better for You If…

You’re cooking for more than a couple of people; or, you’re interested in doing much other than basic grilling of burgers, steaks, hot dogs, skewers, etc.

What We Like

  • Large side shelves for holding tools and plates – and they fold down out of the way
  • Enclosed storage is neat and tidy-looking and protects your tank from the elements
  • 4 casters for easy repositioning

What We Don’t Like

  • The cooking area is too small for cooking more than a few items at a time
  • Harder to establish heat zones with only 2 burners
  • Having wheels is great, but they’re really small and may not be patio-friendly
  • Only small tents over the burners for reducing flare-ups


Sometimes it’s ok to look at a product, nod your head and say, “Yup. That’s good enough.”

This is a nice little grill that packs a surprising number of quality features into a wallet-preserving package. To call the Char-Broil Performance 300 “no frills” would be selling it short; call it “low frills” instead.

We definitely like this product for what it is, and it’s proof that no one has to make do with a lousy grill.

Check out our top budget-friendly choice right here, read all about it, find the current price and owners reviews:


Check Price on Amazon


Budget-Friendly Runner-Up: Char-Griller 3001 Grillin Pro Gas Grill

Options are always good! Here’s our second choice for your best wallet-preserving gas grill.

Did you think we’d accidentally put a smoker into our review roundup?

With the twin chimney-style vents and barrel-shaped cookbox, that’s no surprise. It’s actually not a bad look – it’s pretty bad-ass compared to most gas grills! But does it deliver on performance?

Char-Griller E3001 Grillin' Pro 40,800-BTU...

Beyond the smoker-esque appearance, it’s a good-looking grill. The all-black finish appears less refined than stainless steel models, but we’re not saying that’s a bad thing.

It’s nice not seeing the propane tank from the front, and the large wheels look sturdy. We’re not a big fan of the tubular stand, however, and have concerns about stability, especially if you roll it around a lot. Best to keep your eyes out for loose screws over time.

What’s really impressive is that you get not only 3 burners under the hood, but also a side burner in the left hand shelf. Having so many burners really opens up your cooking options. For example, you could have a chicken roasting in your 2-zone set-up in the main area and cook a side dish of veggies on the outside burner. Or, fry up some bacon while the burgers are grilling.

The side shelf is spacious, and if you’re not using the side burner, suddenly your space for spices, sauces, and more is doubled.

There are three hooks for hanging tools when not in use, and you can stash a few things on the bottom shelf, though the front logo panel that hides the tank makes access less than perfect.

With electronic ignition, you’ll light up with ease and start cooking in no time. We’re not really convinced the smoke vents will add much to the experience, but they shouldn’t detract, either.

The sturdy, steel body will last for years, and the porcelain-coated cast iron grates should keep pace. These are great features for a low-cost grill to offer.

What’s in The Box

  • Stand
  • Cookbox including 3 burner tubes
  • 3 burner tents
  • 1 side burner
  • Hood thermometer
  • 2 fixed wheels
  • Grease management system with removable drip tray
  • Match lighting system
  • 1 fixed side shelf
  • 3 grates
  • Upper warming shelf


  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Number of Main Burners: 3
  • Secondary Burners: 1 side burner
  • Ignition type: Electronic push-button
  • BTU: 40,800 main, 12,000 side
  • Heat Flux: 15
  • Primary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 438
  • Secondary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 192
  • Total Cooking Area: 630
  • Build Materials: Heavy steel lid and cookbox, stainless steel burners, porcelain-coated cast iron grates
  • Warranty (years): Hood and burner tubes – 5, Body, side burner, and parts – 1

This Grill is for You if…

You don’t want to spend big, but want cooking options; don’t like the look of a bunch of stainless steel; are trying to match the appearance of your smoker; you like serious heat output for fast grilling.

Another Model Might Be Better for You If…

You usually cook for 10 people or more; you’re not interested in doing more than basic grilling; or, you expect to move your grill around regularly.

What We Like

  • The tank is hidden, but easily accessed
  • Having a side burner provides cooking options
  • Durable materials will allow for a long life with proper care

What We Don’t Like

  • It will be a bit awkward to access the storage shelf
  • Grease catch is not accessible from the front
  • Tubular carts tend not to be as sturdy as other styles


We’re very impressed with the versatility of this low-cost grill. The Char-Griller 3001 Grillin’ Pro offers the budget-minded or beginner griller room to grow and experiment with cooking styles.

This was very nearly our top choice for the best budget-friendly gas grill and if this is the category that most interests you, it deserves your consideration.

You know how it goes: click the link to see some more pictures, current price and customer reviews of this terrific grill right here


Check Price on Amazon


Best High-End Gas Grill: Weber Summit 7170001 S-470

For some people, nothing but the absolute best will do. Maybe you’re made of money; maybe you just know a good investment when you see one. Whichever group you’re in, you will not be disappointed with this primo grill.

First impressions? WOW! Where to begin?

This is a gorgeous grill, an uber-professional looking ode to stainless steel. When it comes to impressing friends and neighbors, the shiny Summit S-470 scores huge points.

Weber 7170001 Summit S-470 4-Burner Liquid...

In terms of cooking, though, that’s where this model really shines.

All four main burners light individually with their own integrated ignition systems activated by the lit-up knobs – no holding down a button and waiting for a spark to catch. It’s easy to set up temperature zones for convection cooking, or searing and shifting to finish.

Did we say ‘searing’? If you love those grill marks, you’re going to flip for the dedicated searing zone for concentrated heat.

Like things slower? Flip up the rotisserie motor and turn some birds in front of their own infrared burner. There’s also a side burner for frying, boiling, and more. And, we’re in love with the built-in smoker box with its own burner. Now you’ve got the best of all worlds in a single barbecue.

The whole unit is solidly and carefully constructed with premium materials and craftsmanship. Weber knows this grill is an investment, and they want it to last. We wish the wheels were more robust, but we’re happy to see four of them.

Weber has provided a ton of convenient features, including two side shelves, six hooks, and a lot of storage inside the cabinet, including more hooks for the rotisserie pieces. Also inside the cabinet is the removable drip tray, where anything that isn’t burned off on the flavorizer bars will collect.

An LED fuel gauge keeps track of your propane supply (running out mid-cook sucks), and a light attached to the handle shines down on the grill every time you open the hood. Forgive the pun, but that’s a really bright idea.

What’s in The Box

  • Stand with 2 doors
  • Cookbox including 4 main burner tubes, 1 smoker tube, 1 sear tube, 1 infrared burner
  • Hood thermometer
  • 4 swivel casters – 2 locking, 2 free rolling
  • Grease management system with removable drip tray
  • 2 fixed side shelves w/1 burner, 1 rotisserie motor
  • 8 flavorizer bars
  • 2 grates
  • Warming rack
  • 4 rotisserie forks
  • Rotisserie spit
  • Smoker box
  • Propane gauge
  • Match lighting chain


  • Fuel Type: Choose from propane OR natural gas version
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Secondary Burners: 1 side burner, 1 infrared rotisserie burner, 1 sear burner, 1 smoker burner
  • Ignition type: Individual electronic ‘Snap-Jet’
  • BTU: 48,800 main, 12,000 side, 10,600 rotisserie, 10, 600 sear, 8,000 smoker
  • Heat Flux: 27
  • Primary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 468
  • Secondary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 112
  • Total Cooking Area: 579
  • Build Materials: Stainless steel lid, side tables, grates, and burners, cast aluminum cook box
  • Warranty (years): 10

This Grill is for You if…

You like to have a variety of cooking options available; you want to replace your grill and smoker with a single unit; or, you don’t want anything less than the best.

Another Model Might Be Better for You If…

You already own a smoker and just want a grill; …nope, can’t think of any other reasons not to own this, other than it’s more money than some people want to spend on a barbecue.

What We Like

  • Light up knobs and grill light for evening/night grilling
  • Lots of accessory burners so you can do more than just grill
  • Closed in storage to protect your tools and accessories
  • Basically everything

What We Don’t Like

  • Side burner knob is lower quality than all the others (no integrated ignitor; have to depress to adjust flame height)
  • Using the rotisserie and side burner at the same time occupies most of the work surface
  • Small casters may make it difficult to move on rough or uneven surfaces


The Weber Summit 717001 S-470 is an extraordinary grill; there’s seriously not much it can’t do. You’ll have years of fun cooking your favorites and trying new things.

If it seems like a lot of money to spend, just think about everything you’re getting for your money, how often you’ll use it, and how long it will last. It’s a great investment and one of the very best gas grills out there.

You know you want to see more! Follow the link below to pictures, a video, and the chance to buy what might be the best grill you’ve ever owned.


Check Price on Amazon


High-End Runner-Up: Bull Outdoor Products 44001 Angus Cart

There really are some exceptional grills in this category. So many that we couldn’t recommend just one. Here’s our number 2 pick that’s anything but number 2.

Even if you don’t cook like one, you’ll look like a professional griller with this thing in your yard.

Clean lines and all-stainless steel construction make the Bull Angus Cart look like something out of a commercial kitchen. It looks solid and serious, and we like it.

Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 44001 Angus 75,000...

With four cast-stainless steel burners spread out over a generous 810 square inches of primary cooking space, there is a ton of room here for everything from a burger for everyone on the team to roasts and poultry slowly cooking.

You’ll set up temperature zones with ease, plus you can pop a bird on the rotisserie and let the dedicated infrared burner cook it to perfection.

We fully expect this grill to last a very long time. It’s made from some of the best stuff there is – 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel. Yes, there are heavier gauges, but we’re not talking about an airplane here. This is very good for this application. Plus, there are two layers of it on the hood for even better heat retention.

Check out the casters, too; these are really heavy-duty and should hold up to plenty of movement.

There are two integrated hooks on each side shelf, and a towel bar on each, as well. Inside the double doors, you find additional storage space for your tools and accessories.

Since the pull-out drip tray is above the storage area, it won’t interfere with storage.

Inside the cookbox, twin lights will keep you grilling long into those warm summer evenings, or those way-too-early winter nights.

What’s in The Box

  • Stand with 2 doors
  • Cookbox including 4 main burner tubes, 1 infrared burner
  • Hood thermometer
  • 4 casters – 2 fixed, 2 swivel/locking
  • Grease management system with removable drip tray
  • 2 fixed side shelves
  • 4 flame tamers
  • 4 grates
  • Warming rack
  • 2 internal lights
  • 2 rotisserie forks
  • Rotisserie spit and motor
  • Match lighting chain


  • Fuel Type: Choose from propane OR natural gas version
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Secondary Burners: 1 infrared back burner rotisserie
  • Ignition type:
  • BTU: 60,000 main, 15,000 infrared
  • Heat Flux: 07
  • Primary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 810
  • Secondary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 210
  • Total Cooking Area: 1,020
  • Build Materials: 16-gauge 304 brushed stainless steel (all parts), cast stainless steel burners
  • Warranty (years): Grates – lifetime; burners – 20; heat shields, flame tamers, warming rack, manifold, lid handles and caps – 3; all other parts – 1

This Grill is for You if…

You don’t want to buy another grill maybe ever; you enjoy cooking rotisserie poultry; or, you’re cooking for a lot of people regularly and need plenty of grate space.

Another Model Might Be Better for You If…

You want side burners for cooking a whole meal at once; you aren’t good at remembering to check your propane tank; or, you can’t imagine moving a 200+ pound grill around your yard.

What We Like

  • Heavy-duty casters for easy maneuvering around the patio
  • Rotisserie included with its own burner
  • Closed off, vented storage space under the cookbox

What We Don’t Like

  • No side burners for cooking extras
  • With the rotisserie in place, you lose a lot of workspace
  • No fuel tank gauge for keeping track of your propane situation


The Bull Outdoor Products 44001 Angus Cart is an exceptional grill. The burners are second-to-none, and the overall materials and construction are virtually flawless.

There are less ‘extra’ features than we might expect on a high-end unit (Bull sells separate side burners and other accessories as part of their lineup of outdoor kitchen products), but it’s so well made it’s hard to be too upset.

If you value longevity and performance over anything else, your money will be well invested in this grill.

Get to know this outstanding barbecue in detail by clicking the link to pics and specs, current price and owner reviews:


Check Price on Amazon


Further Recommended Gas Grill Reviews

It was tougher to categorize these remaining grills, but each one is noteworthy for its own reasons. If you aren’t sold on any of our previous six models, or you just like to be very thorough before you purchase, give these contenders a look.

3 Embers 4-Burner Dual Fuel Propane Gas Grill

Well, that’s a mouthful of a name, but it’s exactly how it appears on the manufacturer’s website.

Other than the name, our first impressions of this grill are totally positive. It looks great, assuming you like stainless steel, and it looks approachable; this is a grill for any skill level.

3 Embers 4-Burner Dual Fuel Propane Gas Grill...

The standout feature is the glass viewing window. How great is that, and why don’t more grills feature this? No more losing heat to check on your food! And, there’s plenty of heat to be found coming from the four ceramic-titanium coated stainless steel burners. With a lifetime warranty, they’ll be flaming for a very long time.

Another cool feature of the 3 Embers GAS7480BS is the Radiant Embers cooking system. Although they don’t explain it at all, it’s not hard to figure out.

Each of the four heat tents (one for each burner) is equipped with a mesh screen covering six windows. When the flames are on, they’ll start to glow red and radiate heat in two directions thanks to the angles of the tents. This system delivers even heat across the full surface of the grates.

Of course, you can create your distinct temperature zones for searing and convection cooking, though the lid is not very high; don’t expect to roast a turkey on this model. However, with its double panels, it will retain heat nicely.

On the right shelf, you’ll find a cast iron grill for cooking your sides. Together, the two shelves provide a decent amount of work surface, plus there’s a ton of storage space in the two drawers and a bit more behind the door.

If you convert to natural gas, you’ll open up a lot of space underneath.

What’s in The Box

  • Stand with 1 door, 2 drawers, all self-closing
  • Cookbox including 4 burner tubes
  • Hood thermometer
  • 4 swivel casters – 2 locking, 2 free rolling
  • Grease management system with removable drip tray
  • 2 fixed side shelves – 1 w/cast iron burner
  • 4 ‘radiant embers’ heat shields
  • 3 grates
  • Warming rack


  • Fuel Type: Propane; can be converted to natural gas (optional accessory)
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Secondary Burners: 1 side burner
  • Ignition type: Piezo system (non-electronic sparking)
  • BTU: 48,000 main, 12,000 side
  • Heat Flux: 89
  • Primary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 540
  • Secondary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 160
  • Total Cooking Area: 700
  • Build Materials: Stainless steel grates, cookbox and lid w/glass window, ceramic-titanium coated stainless steel main burners, cast iron side burner
  • Warranty (years): Burners – lifetime; all other parts – 3 years

This Grill is for You if…

You like the option of cooking sides while the main grill is in use; you appreciate premium construction and materials but not premium prices; you habitually check on your meat as it cooks; or, you want more storage space but not a full outdoor kitchen.

Another Model Might Be Better for You If…

You like to roast large cuts and poultry; you don’t have room for such a wide grill; or, you aren’t interested in keeping the window clear, because it will require regular cleaning.

What We Like

  • We’ve heard the customer service is excellent
  • Drawers are very practical for storage
  • More accurate lid thermometer than usual
  • Heavy duty grates should last and last

What We Don’t Like

  • The ignition is a bit finicky
  • Raised lid on side burner makes the usable space on the right shelf very small
  • No hooks for hanging tools


For a grill that looks like a million bucks but doesn’t cost anywhere near that, the 3 Embers 4-Burner Dual Fuel Gas Grill is an excellent choice. It combines high-end looks and features with a mid-range price tag.

No, it won’t last as long as better-made models, but you’ll more than get your money’s worth out of the modest investment. Keep this one in mind while you’re making your final choice.

Definitely spend a bit of time studying this intriguing product – just click the link! If this is the stainless steel grill of your dreams, or you just can’t live without drawers anymore, you can also buy yours now.


Check Price on Amazon


Char-Broil Classic 405 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Do you like burgers, dogs, sausages, chicken pieces, steak, and chops? For a classic cookout, this basic grill is all you need.

We won’t lie – it’s not impressive to look at, but you can tell right away it’s a classic, simple barbecue. Nothing wrong with that!

Char-Broil Classic 405 4-Burner Liquid...

For a small grill, there’s surprising versatility under the hood. There’s enough space on the grate to cook plenty of hamburgers or steaks at a time, enough to feed an average-size family.

With four burners, you can even set up multiple heat zones and do some searing and finishing, or roast some larger cuts or chicken.

Since this is a budget grill, it’s light on accessories and bonus features. You do, however, get two more-than-ample side shelves for resting your tools, condiments, rubs, etc.

There’s also a swinging warming rack under the porcelain-coated steel lid for getting your buns toasty and for keeping finished food from cooling off outside.

What’s in The Box

  • Stand with bracket for propane tanks
  • Cookbox including 4 burner tubes
  • 2 fixed wheels
  • Grease cup and clip
  • 2 fixed side shelves
  • 4 heat shields
  • 1 grate
  • Warming rack


  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Secondary Burners: 0
  • Ignition type: Piezo system (non-electronic sparking)
  • BTU: 32,000
  • Heat Flux: 79
  • Primary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 405
  • Secondary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 190
  • Total Cooking Area: 595
  • Build Materials: Porcelain-coated steel lid and cookbox, stainless steel burners, porcelain-coated wire grates
  • Warranty (years): Burners – 5; cookbox and lid – 2; all other parts – 1

This Grill is for You if…

You prefer grilling to barbecuing; you don’t do a lot of outdoor cooking but want to have a BBQ from time to time; you’re more into smoking, but want to do some quick grilling sometimes; or, you’re on a budget but still want the flexibility of having four burners.

Another Model Might Be Better for You If…

You’re a serious barbecuer, or plan to become one; you like cooking an entire meal at once on the same grill, or you’re looking for one to last you for years and years.

What We Like

  • Steel shelves instead of the plastic ones seen on some low-cost grills
  • Push-button ignition
  • Four burners for lots of cooking and multiple temperature zones

What We Don’t Like

  • No extras like side burners, or even hooks (but it will accommodate an optional rotisserie)
  • Tubular carts are not as sturdy as other options
  • Not even a hood thermometer – though they’re never that accurate, anyway


For many casual grillers, a basic but functional unit like the Char-Broil Classic 405 is all they really need. It isn’t fancy, but it is reliable, and it’ll get the job done.

With four burners for some cooking options, there’s enough here to keep the burgers-and-dogs-with-the-occasional-roast crowd happy all summer long. For the price they’re asking, you can’t really go wrong.

You can mull this one over as you read through some sales copy and specs, and look at a few more detailed pictures. Order one, while you’re at it, have it dropped off right at your doorstep, and satisfy that BBQ craving!


Check Price on Amazon


Monument Grills Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Grill w/Side Sear Burners

Without question, this is a great looking grill. With stainless steel as far as the eye can see and a pair of neat and tidy doors on the storage area, plus LED-lit control knobs, it sure seems like a high-end product.

Surprisingly, it actually falls in the moderate price category.

Monument Grills 24367 Stainless Steel 4...

With four main stainless steel burners putting out 12,000 BTUs each, you’ll establish different heat zones with ease (the classic is two outside burners on, and two inside burners off for great convection cooking).

The main grill is quite wide, so there’s a lot of room for cooking for a crowd. The porcelain-coated cast iron grates are durable and give good heat distribution.

Additionally, you get not one, but two side burners – one for searing and one for less intense cooking. If you want to do steaks for two, you might not even need the main cookbox. You could also do a reverse sear without sacrificing main grill space.

The slide-out drip pan is accessed from the back, which isn’t optimal, but at least there is one. There’s a second, smaller one under the sear burner that you can get at from the front.

Down below, there are four swiveling and locking casters – the only model we reviewed with this feature. Rolling around on the deck should be a breeze.

Additional features include ample storage behind a pair of doors, a hood thermometer, and four hooks on the right shelf for your tools. We really like the light-up knobs, with their cool blue glow – perfect for night grilling!

If rotisserie is your thing, Monument Grills sells a separate kit that is compatible with the 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill.

What’s in The Box

  • Stand with 2 doors
  • Cookbox including 4 burner tubes
  • Hood thermometer
  • 4 locking swivel casters
  • Grease management system with removable drip tray
  • 2 fixed side shelves – 1 w/side burner, 1 w/ceramic sear burner
  • 4 flame tamers
  • 3 grates
  • Warming rack


  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Secondary Burners: 1 side burner, 1 side sear burner
  • Ignition type: Push-button electronic
  • BTU: 48,000 main, 24,000 combined sides
  • Heat Flux: 57
  • Primary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 513
  • Secondary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 210
  • Total Cooking Area: 723
  • Build Materials: 430 stainless steel, doors, flame tamers, side shelves, and lid with aluminum side caps; 304 stainless steel burners; ceramic side sear burner; porcelain-coated cast iron grates
  • Warranty (years): Burners – 8, rest of the grill – 1

This Grill is for You if…

You’re ready to move beyond your budget grill; you want to try more than just straight grilling, including searing, roasting, and cooking sides; you need enclosed storage for your tools; or, you like the look of high-end models but don’t want to drop major coin on a barbecue.

Another Model Might Be Better for You If…

You only require the basics for grilling; you are expecting high-end performance to match the high-end appearance; or, you don’t have room for a grill that’s 54” wide (the shelves are fixed, remember).

What We Like

  • One of the largest main cooking areas we reviewed
  • Lots of bonus features for a modestly-priced grill
  • Lots of burners mean lots of ways to cook

What We Don’t Like

  • Casters never roll as well as wheels
  • Stainless steel is very thin
  • With both side burners in use, there is no external work surface left


If you covet the high-end grills but don’t want to spend the money, the Monument Grills Stainless Steel 4-Burner may be your solution. Certainly, that’s what the manufacturer is aiming for.

Do not, however, expect to get Weber-like performance from this grill; you do tend to get pretty much what you pay for. But, it’s still a good-looking, perfectly functional product with some sweet bonus features that make it more than worth considering.

Want to know more? Browse pics, stats, and a video just by following the link. You can place your order when you’re done, if you’re so inclined, and get this really nifty grill for yourself.


Check Price on Amazon


Napoleon Prestige P500RSIBSS

Just in case you thought Weber had the monopoly on mid-range to lower high-end grills, Napoleon is here to make you think again.

The Prestige Series grills are all excellent, but we especially love the P500RSIBSS. Take one glance at the stainless steel construction and you’ll have some idea why; this is a sharp-looking grill that says, “Hey. I know what I’m doing. My steaks will be delicious.”

Under the hood, you’ll discover Napoleon’s innovative wave grates. The curvy lines are meant to create additional surface area for more even cooking. Yes, you give up the traditional straight grill marks, but so what? As long as it tastes amazing!

Here you’ll also find one of two infrared burners, this one for the included rotisserie. Roast chicken, anyone?

The other infrared burner is built into the left side table. Here, on a miniature wave grill, you can sear steaks, chops, and more to perfection before finishing on the main cooking area. In fact, thin cuts can be seared and finished to a gorgeous medium-rare here with ease. Turn down the heat to use the side burner for sides, sauces, and more delicate items.

Convenience features are plentiful, including a slide-out grease catcher, a lid that pivots at the center instead of hinging at the back for easy opening, light-up control knobs for night grilling, and storage in an enclosed base. The twin side shelves each feature three hooks and a towel bar for holding your gear while you pause to chat or enjoy a beverage.

Not included, but available as a highly recommended option, is Napoleon’s exclusive charcoal tray. Designed to fit perfectly in the Prestige 500RSIBSS’s cook box and tuning this gasser into a charcoal grill, you can actually cook with charcoal inside your gas grill for that back-to-basics experience and delicious smoky flavor. Now, that is very cool, and just one more awesome reason to buy this grill.

What’s in The Box

  • Stand with 2 doors
  • Cookbox including 4 main burner tubes, 1 infrared burner
  • Hood thermometer
  • 4 casters – 2 swivel, 2 swivel/locking
  • Grease management system with removable drip tray
  • 2 side shelves – 1 fixed w/infrared burner, 1 folding
  • 7 heat shields
  • 2 ‘wave’ grates
  • Warming rack
  • 2 rotisserie forks
  • Rotisserie spit and motor
  • Match lighting rod


  • Fuel Type: Choose from propane OR natural gas version
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Secondary Burners: 1 infrared side, 1 infrared rear
  • Ignition type: Electronic “Jet Fire” system
  • BTU: 48,000 main, 18,000 rotisserie, 14,000 side
  • Heat Flux: 96
  • Primary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 500
  • Secondary Cooking Area (Sq. In): 260 warming rack, 133 side grate)
  • Total Cooking Area: 893
  • Build Materials: Stainless steel
  • Warranty (years): Stainless steel base, lid, grates – lifetime; burners, sear plates, rotisserie burner – 10 years full, 50% off for life; all other parts – 2 years

This Grill is for You if…

You want to try a variety of cooking styles; you would like to replace an older charcoal grill, but don’t want to give up on the experience completely; or, you want a high-end experience without the price tag.

Another Model Might Be Better for You If…

You won’t take advantage of the accessories and options; or, you plan on grilling only occasionally and can’t justify the investment.

What We Like

  • All-stainless steel construction for maximum longevity
  • The ability to sear on the side without using main grate space
  • Rotisserie included for perfect chicken

What We Don’t Like

  • Not including the charcoal accessory is a little stingy
  • We really prefer wheels to casters, but for a deck or a cement pad that’s not a big deal


It’s very hard to say something negative about the Napoleon Prestige P500RSIBSS-1 gas grill. This is easily one of the most versatile and dependable models we’ve seen.

It offers a premium grilling experience at a price that’s pretty good for everything you get. As a long-term investment in outdoor cooking, it’s difficult to do better.

Ready to dive in and make it your own? Just follow the link for more pics (there’s a blue-lidded version, too!) and details, and to order one today.


Click to Learn More / Buy from NapoleonGrills


Hey, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, What Kind of Grill is That? It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!

A gas grill is a barbecue that uses gas instead of solid fuel like wood or charcoal. There are two basic categories: propane and natural gas grills.

Gas grills range in size from portable gas grills suitable for days out, right up to massive outdoor kitchen-style grills with as many as 10 burners.

They are best for grilling over direct heat or roasting via indirect heat. You won’t do any real smoking with a gas grill, and low ‘n’ slow isn’t their area of strength. Still, there are certainly options when it comes to cooking techniques, and we’ll look at some later on.

Some of the features available include infrared burners, side burners, rotisseries, hood lighting, and more. Again, we’ll cover those in more detail in upcoming sections.

Advantages of Using a Gas Grill (Compared to Charcoal)

Why might you want a gas grill instead of charcoal? Here are several reasons why gas is the go-to for many grillers.

Ease of Use – Little Learning Curve

If you know charcoal, or you’ve done some research already, you know it’s not the easiest stuff to work with.

First, you have to choose what kind of charcoal to buy (Lump? Briquettes? Flavored?). Then you have to arrange and light the stuff. Will you try the charcoal snake? Do you want starter cubes? Or will you get a chimney for lighting up?

Don’t get us wrong – we love grilling over charcoal and part of the fun is in the details of lighting your coals. But, we also know it isn’t for everyone.

Starting a gas grill is as easy as turning a knob or pushing a button. If you can work a kitchen stove, you can use a gas grill.

Economical Fuel

Propane is not very expensive. A 20-pound tank will last a long time, and you’ll rarely find yourself needing to top up mid-cook.

If you’re looking at just the fuel costs, propane is much less expensive than charcoal on a per-cook basis, as numerous studies have shown.

Instant and Exact Temperature Control

To grill effectively, you need to hit your target temperature and hold it for the duration of the cook session. With charcoal, this means fiddling with vents and dampers to adjust the airflow as this is the only way to control how hot the charcoal burns.

With gas, all you do is light it and set your dials. You’ll be at the right temperature in short order and holding it is as easy as making slight adjustments to the burner.

Before long, you’ll know exactly where to set your burners for every type of cooking.

Low Maintenance and Cleaning

Part of the appeal of charcoal grilling is the smoke that’s put out both by the charcoal itself and any flavorwood you might add. Unfortunately, smoke leaves a residue, including creosote. While it’s ok and even desirable to leave a bit of a patina behind, you’ll still need to scrape down the inside of your charcoal grill on occasion.

Additionally, ash needs to be removed from the firebox after each cook.

A gas grill doesn’t create much smoke, so there’s little soot left behind, nor is there ash since there’s no solid fuel. The only cleaning you’ll need to do will be the grates (as you would with any grill), and any flavorizer bars or burner shields.

Many Possible Extra Features

Buying a gas grill is a little like buying a car – there are so many features to choose from!

There are some that expand your cooking options, such as rotisseries and side burners. Some make operation more convenient, like viewing windows and storage areas.

Think about whether you’d benefit from a cart with wheels for placement and storage options, or perhaps a storage area with a door would suit your style and needs.

Types of Gas Grills

If you want to get really granular about it, there are many different types of gas grill. However, it’s possible to lump them all into one of two categories: propane or natural gas.

Liquid Propane Grills

Propane grills use a tank of liquid gas attached to the burners via a regulator and a hose.

The typical propane tank for home use is a 20-pound cylinder; the kind you typically find locked up at gas stations and home renovation centers.

While you’ll need to replace your tank now and then (keep a spare handy at all times!), exchange programs make this a simple process.

Natural Gas Grills

These grills connect directly to a natural gas line.

They’re convenient, as they never run out of fuel. However, you’ll need to have a connection installed by a licensed gasfitter, and then you’re stuck barbecuing in the same spot forever, or at least no further away from the gas outlet than the hose will allow.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gas Grill

Going back to the car analogy again, you wouldn’t buy a subcompact if you’ve got a family of 5, or you’re a contractor hauling around tools and construction material.

Likewise, you don’t want a two-burner gas grill if you plan on cooking for a huge crowd of all your friends and relatives every weekend.

Here are some key factors to think about to help you narrow the field from the many thousands of options available today.


Your budget is your business. The good news is there’s a grill to suit every price point.

What you might want to consider, however, is what extra features might be worth stretching the budget for. Or, maybe you could save a few bucks by going with fewer options, especially if you don’t think you’ll use them much?


Once you’ve decided to go with gas, size may be the most important consideration of all.

Think about how many people you plan to cook for – how many burgers, steaks, or whatever, will you want to be able to grill at the same time? While there might only be two of you most of the time, maybe you’d like to leave room for the possibility of entertaining?

You’ve also got to figure out where the grill is going to be situated in your yard. Do you have the space to accommodate the footprint of the model you want?

There’s no point buying a giant ‘cue to impress the neighbors if you can’t park it anywhere. If you feel you do need a smaller model, check out our guide to the best small grills.

Remember too that you must keep your grill away from plastic surfaces and siding, so you have to plan for free space AROUND your grill too.


As we talked about earlier, you’ve got two choices here: propane or natural gas. Or, possibly you have no choice at all – natural gas isn’t available everywhere.

If you’ve already got a hook-up installed, then going with natural may be an easy decision. If you’d have to have it put in, though, you’ll need to decide what’s best for you.

Is there a good place to have the line run to? Will it be cost-prohibitive? Do you want to be tethered to a single spot for grilling?

Propane is the most flexible, but natural gas is incredibly convenient. Think carefully before making your choice. By the way, some grills can be converted from propane to natural gas, giving you the freedom to opt-in to LNG cooking later on.

Or maybe you’re still on the fence about a gas at all and are considering a charcoal grill? If so, be sure to check out our guide to charcoal vs gas grills which should help you make the right decision once and for all.

What do You Intend to Cook?

If having a bit of barbecue means searing medium rare steaks, grilling chicken breasts, or flipping burgers and dogs, you don’t need to break the bank. Any typical, low-featured gas grill will do the job. You’ll want to focus more on general build quality and adequate surface area than on the variety of burner types.

If you’re looking to mix things up with ribs and roasts, you’ll need to aim a little higher.

Not only will you require a lot of grilling real estate, but you’ll also want a high-grade unit with reliable temperature control, and probably options for rotisserie and side searing.

Essential Features

The following are some of the features we think should be on just about everybody’s grill.

Side Burners

There’s more to barbecuing than just grilling the meat. When the weather is fine, it’s a total outdoor experience, and it’s a shame to have to leave the yard.

With a side burner (or two), you can cook your side dishes at the same time as you’re roasting or grilling the main attraction.

Quality Ignition System

Before there’s fire, there must be a spark!

Waiting for a low-quality ignitor to light the gas is not only annoying it’s also wasteful and potentially dangerous. The more time that passes before ignition, the more gas builds up, and the more likely a fireball becomes.

Choose a reliable ignition system and leave the matches in the box. Our preference is for electronic starters, but a good Piezo sparker is ok, too.

What’s that, you ask? Learn all about this familiar ignition you never knew you see all the time: How does a piezo electric ignitor work?

Grill Hood

Yes, there are good and bad grill hoods.

Look for one with plenty of space. This leaves room for good convection for roasting and height for big cuts of meat.

A double lining is a nice feature for heat retention, which is key to good convection cooking.

Also, looking to the outside of the grill, choose one with a handle that won’t get hot.

Easy Access to Replace or Fill Propane Tanks

If you choose a propane grill, you will have to replace the tank from time to time. Choose a model that makes it as convenient as possible to access, mount, and connect a tank.

Our preference is for tanks mounted on the cart that you can get at from the front, but side access is fine too.

Just be sure you have room to maneuver the tank in and out where you plan to use your grill.

Flavorizer Bars, Diffusers or Ceramic / Lava Rocks

The bane of good grilling is flare-ups. These happen when grease or juice from the meat drips onto the burners and catches fire. A flare-up can burn a good piece of meat to an inedible crisp in seconds.

To prevent, or at least minimize flare-ups, you absolutely must have some kind of barrier between the burners and your food.

This could take the form of a diffuser that spreads out the heat, flavorizer bars for turning those juices into a bit of tasty smoke, or rocks to absorb the drippings – and turn them into a bit of tasty smoke.

Make sure the grill you choose has one of the three things listed above!

Non-Essential but Convenient Features

These are what we call the “nice-to-haves” – they aren’t deal-breakers, but they can make grilling a better experience.

Extra Storage and Workspace

You never know how much you need work and storage space until you don’t have it. At minimum, get yourself a grill with side shelves for resting your condiments, sauces, rubs, tools, drinks, etc. while you tend to the food. Hooks for hanging your tools are also a godsend sometimes.

You might also want storage space underneath. This is great for stashing stuff you want every time you grill, but need to keep out of the rain and/or snow.

Quality Grates

Crappy grates suck. There’s no way to put it any plainer than that. They rust, they flake, and they ruin food.

Stainless steel grates or porcelain-enameled cast iron are both durable in the short term, and they’ll last a long time if properly used and cared for.

Avoid cheap, flimsy metal and thin coatings.


The burners in a gas grill have a tough job, what with the constant fire blasting out of them. Low-quality burners may rust over time or weaken from the heat. Your best bets are burner tubes constructed of brass or cast iron, or even heavy-duty aluminum.

Lower grade grills may use thin stainless steel. This is great for keeping costs down, but it’s really bad for longevity.

The question you have to ask yourself is how often do you want to replace your burners? If the answer is, “hopefully never,” you know what to do.

Fuel Gauge

Unlike with charcoal, you can’t tell just by looking if you’re running low on fuel if you cook with propane. Fortunately, some clever soul invented the fuel gauge. Choose a grill that comes equipped with a gauge and never get caught short.

Of course, there are other ways to tell how much is left in the tank, but a gauge is the simplest. If you can get one, do so.

Grill Lights

If you like grilling long into summer nights, or in the winter when it gets dark early, a grill light is a serious plus. You can buy them as add-on accessories, but some grills come with them as standard equipment.

Usually, they’re mounted on the lid handle, but some have them in the interior. If you live very far north where it’s dark half the year, this should be considered essential.

Rotisserie Attachment

Once the grilling bug bites, you’ll find yourself wanting to expand your repertoire of techniques. Soon, you’ll be experimenting with stuff like cedar planks and gas griddles. A rotisserie is another fun option that many grills come with.

Typically positioned at the back of the grill, and often equipped with its own burner, a rotisserie is amazing for slow-roasting meat even, especially poultry and fowl.

Not a must-have, but a really great option for switching things up on occasion.

Infrared Burner

If cooking a steak in a matter of minutes sounds ideal to you, you might enjoy having an infrared burner.

These burners work a little differently than standard burner tubes. Instead of cooking directly over the flame, food rests over a solid surface, typically made of ceramic or glass, which absorbs heat from the flames and then radiates infrared energy into the food.

Infrared burners cook evenly and quickly thanks to the very high temperatures they can reach. Yes, you can turn them down and cook veggies, too, but they’re best reserved for rapid searing and cooking of burgers and thin cuts of meat.


Owning a barbecue cover would be listed with our must-haves, except they don’t usually come with a grill, and nor does everyone need one.

If you’re able to store your barbecue indoors (say in a shed or garage) between uses, then a grill cover isn’t necessary. For all the rest of us, it’s a solid investment.

A cover that fits well will protect your grill from snow, wind, rain, sun, and maybe even critters looking for a warm place to nap.

You’ve probably paid decent money for your grill, and we recommend using a cover as an easy way to extend its life.

Materials and Build Quality

When you spend your hard-earned money on something (we’re assuming you work hard for it – we surely do!), you expect it to last a reasonable amount of time. Your best odds are with a gas grill made of quality materials and assembled with skills and care.

Many cheaper models are made of very flimsy metal painted to look like the good stuff. Cheap grills will rust quickly and/or leak so much heat that they have a hard time cooking in a reasonable amount of time.

Signs of a well-built grill include solid welds and cookboxes made of single pieces of stamped metal.

Look for terms like, “porcelain-enameled cast iron,” and “304 stainless steel” to know you’re getting high-end features – especially if you’re paying high-end prices!

Portability – Need Wheels?

A propane grill is a self-contained cooking unit, and unless you’ve bought an outdoor kitchen-style model, you might want to move it sometimes.

If you think you’ll be stashing your grill in storage occasionally, or that you might want to change locations from time to time (maybe to stay in -or out- of the sun?), consider a unit with wheels.

Choose solid-looking wheels that won’t crack easily, and will roll easily over pavers or decks. The bigger the better if you have really rough or uneven surfaces. For smooth decks or cement pads, casters should be just fine.


As much fun as grilling is, it’s vital that we never forget about the potential dangers when we mix gas, fire, and people.

You do not want a wobbly grill that seems like it’s barely keeping itself together, or a flimsy cart barely up to the job of supporting the cookbox. Speaking of the cookbox, it gets hot up there, so look for a lid handle positioned or designed to stay cool to the touch.

On the off chance your igniter fails just when you need it most, a match rod can save the day. Lighting gas with a short match is a recipe for singed knuckle hair. We won’t say this is an essential piece of equipment, but it’s good to have around.

BTU Level / Heat Flux

BTU (which stands for British Thermal Unit) has long been the measurement of choice for grilling power. Specifically, 1 BTU is the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of a pound of water by 1 Fahrenheit at sea level.

You’ll find the BTU rating used on barbecues, furnaces, water heaters, and even A/C units.

In truth, it’s not really a measurement of heat generated. When you read the BTU specs for a grill, you’re really learning how much gas a unit burns through at maximum output in an hour.

A more efficient grill will get more heat out of less gas than a less efficient one. So, while the less efficient model might have a big BTU number to grab your attention, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to be hotter or cook better than a grill with lower BTUs.

How, then, can we know how hot the grill will get? By knowing its heat flux.

Simply put, heat flux is a measurement of the BTUs per square inch. This is a much better, though still not perfect, indication of how much heat a grill produces.

So, let’s say there’s a big grill with 50,000 BTU spread over 600 square inches of main grilling space has a heat flux of 83.

Compare that with a smaller, 400 square inch cooking surface with, say, 40,000 BTU. That’s a heat flux of 100.

Therefore, despite having less BTUs, the smaller grill is actually capable of generating more heat in a given area.

The average score of our 10 choices is about 85. If you’re really into fast, high-heat cooking, look for heat flux around this level or higher. If you have a little more patience, a lower score is ok – especially if there’s a searing burner included.

Remember, neither heat flux nor BTUs is the be-all-end-all for BBQ specs. Just don’t be fooled by the BTU numbers game many manufacturers play. Bigger isn’t always better.

The End of the (Gas) Line

That does it for our look at the 10 best gas grills for 2020. There really is something for everyone on this list, no matter your skill level or budget. In fact, you just might find the grill you never knew you really wanted.

Just remember to pick the grill that best suits your needs, both current and future.

If there’s anything we didn’t cover that you want to know, please fill out our contact form or drop us a line in the comments below. We will absolutely do our very best to answer every question and address every concern that comes across our virtual desks.

Don’t forget to join us online for even more chances to interact with us, and others in the BBQ community – look for the links to your favorite social channels below.

Thanks for choosing us for your grilling education. We are literally nothing without you!

Happy grilling!


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Mark Jenner (Author)

Thanks 🙂



Hey Mark. Amazon don’t seem to sell the Napoleon grills anymore. I clicked through and every single one is not available. Where might you suggest to buy them from?


Mark Jenner (Author)

Thanks, Craig.

Yes, seems none of the Napoleons are for sale on Amazon right now. I would guess they either have supply problems, or are pulling out from selling there. Not sure. I’ll monitor what happens over the coming weeks.

For another place to purchase, are a large, reliable store that stock a large part of their range. I would try there myself. Bets of luck…let me know what you purchase, if you do. I love a good ‘new grill story’ 🙂



You really should check out Memphis grills if you want to see the very best.


Mark Jenner (Author)

Hi Bobby,

It’s my understanding they are wood pellet grills only? They’re certainly very high end, and a quality product, but they wouldn’t qualify for this list.


Donald Volkers

Very nice article, totally what I needed.


Mark Jenner (Author)

Thanks, Donald.



I am torn between 2 grills that i am looking to purchase. Was trying to get some professional opinions. Napoleon Prestige 500 vs weber genesis II- Special Edition SE335. (9mm stainless grates and grill light). Both seem to get great reviews. Please help. what is your opinion


Mark Jenner (Author)

Hi Matt,

Ass you’ve rightfully said, both get great reviews, so it comes down to personal preference really, and I’m sure you’d be happy with either. Distinguishing features is looks first and foremost. The Napoleon is stainless steel, with bright lights a plenty, the weber is nowhere near as ‘in your face.’ Depends what you prefer. The Weber has a slightly larger cooking surface area, but the Napoelon comes with a built in IR burner and rotisserie, which could be a very useful feature if you feel you’d like to venture into that form of cooking.

So yes, sorry I cannot tell you which is best for you, they are both great and I’d be happy with either.