Knives and Sharpeners

For those who of you who love your knives just as much as your grills and smokers, here are knife reviews and buying guides to the best knives and sharpeners for the outdoor cook.

I think it’s fair to say that all forms of cooking require the use of knives. BBQ and grilling especially, with our constant butchering, trimming, and preparation of meat.

We spend so much time deboning, chopping, and slicing that for many of us, knife collecting and care becomes a passionate hobby alongside our love of BBQ and grilling.

However, the best knives don’t come cheap, so many among us look for functional performance at affordable prices as the top priority.

Also, once we have our chosen knives, we need to keep them sharp. Working with dull knives is not only hard work but can also be more dangerous because we have to put more pressure onto our knives, making us more prone to slipping and cutting ourselves.

So in this section of the site, we take a look at the best knives and sharpeners for outdoor cooks.

The buying guides here cover affordable, functional knives for preparation and serving, as well as more high-end desirable products. And we also cover all-important knife care and sharpening products too.

Dig in and look around, we’re sure you’ll find something you’d love to have in your toolset!

Recommended Knives and Sharpeners