Equipment and supplies recommendations and reviews, written across a collection of BBQs, smokers, thermometers and other grilling accessories

In this section of the site, I’ve compiled a selection of fantastic BBQ, smoking, and grilling related products that I am happy to recommend.

The products listed have been chosen for their quality, effectiveness, and ultimately their suitability to the demands of outdoor cooking.

Every product found in these guides has been screened to ensure they are high quality, perform exceptionally well, are backed up by good manufacturer reputation and warranty, and receive rave reviews from the BBQ community as a whole.

From grills to smokers, tools to thermometers, knives to sausage stuffers, and even gift ideas for the pitmaster in your life, we look in detail at the best there is on the market in many categories associated with BBQ and grilling.

Hands on Reviews of Products I Own and Use Regularly

We kick off this section with reviews of all the products I currently own and use regularly.

So below, you can see the items I loved so much that I purchased them and why, plus how I feel about their effectiveness and in some cases what I think could be improved.

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Other Owned Items Reviewed

Recommended Grills

Next, we continue by looking at some of the best grills on the market that I am personally happy to recommend, grouped by type and sometimes by price point.

Most Popular Types of Grills

More Grill Recommendations

Recommended Smokers

Next, we take a look at the many different types of smokers available on the market today.

From charcoal smokers to pellet smokers, the best smokers for beginners to the best smokers of the year in all categories, there’s sure to be something for everyone below.

Most Popular Types of Smokers

More Smoker Recommendations

BBQ and Grilling Tools and Accessories

Grilling and smoking require at least a few basic tools, such as a spatula, pair of tongs, and some heatproof gloves.

There are also products for cleaning, baskets for grilling veg, cold smoke generators…and a whole range of products that can make the outdoor cooking experience easier or more pleasurable.

We take a look at the best BBQ and grilling tools and accessories below.

Most Popular Tools and Accessories

Further Tools and Accessories

Thermometers and Controllers

No matter the style of cooking you choose, you need to know and be able to measure important temperatures.

The internal temperature of your grill or smoker, the internal temperature of food to know when it’s done, or the temperature of a soapstone or hot plate before searing; These are all essential things to know.

In the articles below, we take a look at different types of thermometers that will help you up the accuracy and take out the guesswork from your outdoor cooking.

Fuel: Charcoal and Pellets

Without fuel, there is no fire. With no fire, we cannot cook outdoors!

However, not all fuels are equal! Different woods and charcoal impart different flavors to food, and gas is different again.

You need to think of your fuel as the first ingredient in your cook. Quality matters, and it pays to spend time choosing and sourcing the right fuels for your cooks.

Below we take a look at the best lumpwood charcoal, briquettes, wood pellets and more, that we are happy to recommend to fuel and flavor your outdoor cooking.

Other Outdoor Cookers

Besides the standard grills and smokers that we look at in the sections above, there are many more types of outdoor cookers that you might like to add to your outdoor kitchen.

From wood-fired ovens to dual-fuel combos, there are many further interesting pieces of equipment to play and cook with. We take a look at some of the best below.

Food Prep and Storage Equipment

From electric and manual meat grinders to sausage stuffers and meat slicers, many pieces of equipment can make our lives easier when it comes to food prep, or for making our own products to grill and smoke at home.

In this section, we take a look at food prep and storage equipment, including products used to make burgers and sausages, warmers to hold cooked food until we’re ready to serve, and coolers to keep food fresh until we’re ready to cook.

Most Popular in Food Prep and Storage

Further Recommendations in Food Prep and Storage

Knives and Sharpeners

Do you know any level of pitmaster who isn’t at least mildly obsessed with their knife collection? No, me neither.

In this section, we take a look at knives and their care. From the essential knives every outdoor cook should own, to some specialist options for particular tasks.

We also take a look at equipment and tools that will help to keep your knife collection in good, sharp working order.

Books, Gifts and Miscellaneous Items

In this section, we recommend the best in books for outdoor cooks, might sources of information where you can learn from the very best.

We also have a few guides to buying gifts for the pitmaster in your life, to cover birthdays and other celebrations. There’s bound to be something here for even the griller who has it all!

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Sometimes, making a buying decision can be tough when you aren’t entirely sure of the differences between different items, the pros and cons of one product over another.

To help with this, we regularly do comparisons of products, pitting one type of product against another, or even two individual products.

The info in these comparisons is invaluable for those who aren’t at all sure what the differences are between many types of popular kit.

Most Popular Comparisons

Further Comparisons

Heating, Cooling and Outdoors

The name of this site was derived from: Good FOOD, cooked with FIRE, enjoyed with FRIENDS = FoodFireFriends.

However, depending on climate and weather conditions, enjoying food outdoors with friends isn’t always the most comfortable experience.

In this section, we recommend items to make the outdoor eating experience more pleasurable. From heating and cooling to shade and rain cover, the products below are all about adding comfort and enjoyment to outdoor cooking and eating.

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