Grilling Guides and How Tos

A collection of actionable, helpful guides to help level up your grilling game, from essential techniques and methods, to how to grill certain foods and more.

Here we discuss and teach the practical side of grilling, with easy to follow, step-by-step guides that help you learn a skill or grilling technique. For purely theory and knowledge, we have our grilling theory section.

Covering things from seasoning a new grill to different methods for getting your charcoal grill lit, from setting up for two-zone grilling to the reverse sear technique.

Each article concentrates on one particular skill, going in-depth on the theory of why we might do something, before guiding how-to with a detailed tutorial.

After finishing any particular guide, you should have picked up a new skill and be on your way to mastering a technique that will help you to up your grilling game.

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