Science and Theory of Grilling

Below we take a look at the theory side of grilling, answering all the 'how, why and what' type questions related to the science and art of grilling.

Here is where we answer the who, what, why, where, when, and how of grilling.

More practical ‘how-to’ type content can be found in our grilling guides section, while this section is all about information and theory.

Sounds a bit too much like school? Haha. But don’t skip it!

The more you know, the better armed you are at the grill to make the right decisions, plan better, and execute better, purely through knowing exactly what’s happening and why.

Though you can follow a recipe step by step, word for word and get fantastic results, to go off-piste a bit, experiment, and put your stamp on things, you need to have a wealth of knowledge you can draw on to tackle all situations. The articles below will help you acquire this knowledge.

Below we look at things such as how long to grill different cuts of meat, what flare-ups are and how to control them, what searing is and why we do it, and more.

Admittedly, there’s not a lot in this section yet, but it’s growing all the time, so do pop back and check for new content!

Grilling Theory and Knowledge

Grilling Theory Archive