Accessibility Standards

At Food Fire Friends, we are committed to making our website accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to provide an inclusive experience that allows all users to access and enjoy our content easily.

W3 Web Accessibility Standards

FoodFireFriends has invested significant time and resources into implementing W3 Web Accessibility Guidelines, a set of standards that ensure websites are as inclusive as possible and do not discriminate against people with disabilities.

What We do To Make Our Content More Accessible

We have tried to build our website from the ground up with accessibility in mind and check back often using manual inspection and automated tools to check for any accessibility issues. We particularly like the ‘Wave web accessibility evaluation tools’ for this task.

The developer on our team regularly visits core and supplemental pages to check and fix things such as:

  • Making sure the site is easily navigable
  • Clear use of semantic HTML elements
  • Clear website and content structure in line with recommendations
  • Making certain images have alt text
  • There are no empty form labels
  • No empty headings
  • No empty links
  • No broken navigation
  • No low contrast issues
  • No skipped heading levels
  • No text is too small
  • That ARIA roles, states, or properties are present

Accessibility Disclaimer

Though FoodFireFriends makes every effort to make our website accessible, there may be some content or content components that aren’t yet fully in line with the strictest or newest accessibility standards.

This may result from the changing nature of standards; we passed yesterday but not today. Or we may not yet have been able to find a technological solution for a particular issue.

But rest assured that we will be working on it.

Your Feedback Helps

Though we regularly test and check all pages for compliance with guidelines, our readers are the ultimate test of our accessibility, and your feedback is invaluable to our efforts to improve.

So if you experience any difficulty with any content on our site or require any assistance with using or consuming our content, please do reach out and let us know!

Contacting Us

For any feedback or questions on accessibility, or to report an accessibility issue or ask for assistance, please get in touch with us at [email protected].