Food Prep and Serving

From brining to marinating, dry-aging to tenderizing, and defrosting meat to how to keep it warm before serving - this section is all about food prep and serving

In this section, we take a look at what comes before and what comes after BBQ and grilling: Food preparation and serving.

Quite often, there are multiple times more work involved in preparing food for your BBQ or grill, as well as dressing and presenting it nicely on the plate for maximum impact and flavor once it’s cooked.

Many techniques of food prep take a cheap, underloved ingredient and can turn it into something amazing — Dry-Aging, wet-brining, and marinading, to name but a few.

So below, we discuss techniques such as wet and dry brining, dry-aging and trimming, from how to make and how to use dry rubs, to preparing mop sauces and marinades.

We cover meat tenderizing techniques, how to thicken sauces, how and why to cut against the grain, defrosting foods safely, how to spatchcock a chicken, and more.

A final dish is only ever as good as the ingredients used. This page will help you make the most of what you’ve got!

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