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Grilling Theory

The collection of topics below are important for any grillmaster to know and master.

Not as practical in nature as many of the step-by-step guides on this site, but nonetheless knowledge that will impact much of what you do on the grill.

Some of the best steaks for grilling laid out on a dark surface, with spices and kitchen tools.
Grilling Theory

11 Best Steaks for Grilling — And Exactly How to Cook Each One

Because not all steaks are created equal, we decided to cook up a selection of eleven steaks for you to try on your grill. From all-time favorites to a handful of lesser-known but outstanding cuts, these are the best steaks for grilling that you simply must try.

Gas grill with onions, teak and other bits, and a man holding tongs to flip them.
Grilling Theory

Grilling Tips to Level up Your Grill Skills and Improve Your Next Cookout

Level up your grill game with the following list of grilling tips to make your next grill-out easier and more successful. From getting that Instagrammable sear to adding insane layers of flavor, from preventing food from sticking to the grates to tenderizing tough cuts before cooking.

Steaks and small items of food being cooked on an infrared grill.
Grilling Theory

Infrared Grills — Advantages, Disadvantages and How They Work

Infrared grills are a relatively new technology for the home cook. They get super hot superfast, so you can knock out food quickly, and they can create the best sear on food you've ever had. Are you Interested to know more? Then read on.

Chicken pieces smoking on a grill.
Grilling Theory

How Long to Grill Chicken — For Perfect Texture and Moisture

Chicken comes in many different forms: Whole, wings, thighs, breasts, bone-in and out … How long does each cut need grilling for, to be safe for eating, and tasty too? What if you grill for too long? Or not long enough? Read on for the details.

A blue charcoal grill being used on a wooden deck loaded with meats grilling.
Grilling Theory

Can I use my Charcoal Grill on a Wooden Deck?

Grilling on a charcoal deck comes with some issues. Not only can you easily ruin your decking by dropping charcoal and charring it, but it’s an obvious fire hazard too. So you need to protect it and manage the fire risk. Here’s how to grill on your decking safely.

A grill party with friends gathered round a smoking BBQ laughing.
Grilling Theory

What is Grilling — And Why Do We Love It So Much?

What is the definition of grilling? How does it differ from BBQ, or smoking, or any other outdoor cooking technique? In this short piece, we define grilling, how it differs from other techniques, and why we love it so much (Hint: Flavor!)