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If you’re looking for authentic low n slow BBQ, for tender meat kissed with smokey goodness, then you’re going to need a dedicated barbecue smoker.

In this section of the site, we’ve used our combined decades of experience and countless hours of research to put together a selection of buying guides and reviews on smokers, to suit every need and budget.

From electric to charcoal smokers, from log burning offsets to propane gas smokers, we’ve researched, found, and reviewed the best models ranging from the most affordable to the most high-end.

Large BBQ smoker with fire box held open by a man with a gloved hand.

Types of Smokers: A Guide to Choosing the Right One for Your Needs

This is your ultimate guide to the different types of smokers. How each type works, their pros and cons, and how they compare, with photos and detailed descriptions so that you can learn about them all in one place, then be able to choose the correct size and type for you!

Close up of a Kamado Joe fire bowl filled with lump charcoal and smoking wood.

The Best Charcoal Smokers of 2024 — Buying Guide and Reviews

These are some of the very best charcoal smokers if you crave the authentic taste of charcoal with your BBQ. We’ve picked and reviewed these great models from all that exist for their great mix of performance and affordability, giving you what we like, what we don’t, and or overall verdicts.

Bavette steak, crevettes, and broccoli being cooked on a kamado grill and smoker.

11 Best Kamado Grills of 2024 — Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

Take a look at the best ceramic kamado grills on the market in our helpful guide full of reviews that looks at 8 different offerings at different price points and sizes. These grills are the Swiss army knives of outdoor cooking, can grill, bake, sear, roast, and more. You’re going to love ‘em!

Racks of pork ribs cooking away in a BBQ smoker.

Best Smokers of 2024, According to Experts and Enthusiasts

A roundup and review of the best smokers you can buy in 2022. We look at the top models in different styles and categories, at various price points, reviewing the top models available today. Could your next smoker be on this list?

A Z Grills 11002b pellet grill isolated on black, next to text describing this article as a review.

Z Grills 11002B Review: Multitasker with Wi-Fi Connectivity

If I had a dollar (or peso or pound or florin) for every “game-changer” on the market, I wouldn’t be at my keyboard on a Saturday! Here’s a review of another so-called game-changing piece of kit — Z Grills’s first pellet grill with Wi-Fi. Hmmm… you know what? This one may live up to the hype!

A Masterbuilt Gravity Series isolated on black, next to text describing this article as a review.

Masterbuilt Gravity Fed 1050 Review: Decent, But not Flawless

Like any red-blooded barbecue fanatic, I’m always drawn to new tech and things I haven’t tried yet. So, I decided it was time to get to know gravity-fed charcoal smoking. Is it a game-changer or a gimmick? Read my review of the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 to find out!

A Kamado Joe Big Joe III isolated on black, next to text describing this article as a review.

Kamado Joe Big Joe III Review — 4 Years and Still Going Strong

The Kamado Joe Big Joe III has had a lot of press, has a loyal and highly vocal following, gets good press and rave reviews, so can it live up to all the hype? Find out our thoughts after more than 2 years of ownership and use in our hands-on review.

A Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 36 isolate don black, next to text that explains this article is a review.

Camp Chef Woodwind Review — Wi-Fi 36 Pellet Grill With Sidekick

In this Camp Chef Woodwind review, you’ll learn how this fully-featured, technologically advanced pellet grill can level up your grilling game and help you smoke glorious food with minimum effort. We dive into all of its features, pros and cons, and end with our overall verdict on whether it’s worth your money.

A Kamado Joe Jr grill and smoker isolated on black, next to words describing that this article is a review of this product.

My Review of the Kamado Joe Jr After 2 Years of Ownership

I already owned a pair of Kamado Joe grills before buying the Jr and starting this review. I promise you, though, I’m no blindly allegiant fanboy! I love my barbecued food too much to put up with junky gear. So how does the Kamado Joe Junior measure up? Let’s find out together!

The Z Grills 700D pellet grill sitting on a patio next to a kamado grill.

Z Grills 700D Wood Pellet Grill Review — Hands On, With Cook Results

So, you couldn’t hold out any longer; after seeing so many videos and blogs, you decided you HAVE to own a pellet grill. I’m not here to talk you out of it. Far from it — I want to introduce you to the Z Grills 700D wood pellet grill. It could be exactly what you’re after.

Mark Jenner leaning on a Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker, brand-new still in its box.

Masterbuilt 30 Electric Smoker Review — Recommended, or Not?

Is the Masterbuilt 30 worth buying? Do we recommend it? Find out in our helpful hands-on review that looks into this model in-depth, discussing its pros and cons, what we like and don’t, plus its real-world cooking performance, to see if it’s right for you.

a camp chef woodwind classic pellet grill on a paved patio.

What is a Pellet Grill? How do They Work? A Quick Overview

This guide breaks down what a pellet smoker is and how they work. We look at all the major components, such as the hopper, auger, fire pot, and digital controller, and detail how they work together to create an easy-to-use, highly capable and controllable BBQ smoker.

moinks and wings inside a Z grills 700D pellet smoker.

Should You Buy a Pellet Smoker? — Pros and Cons of Pellet Grills

This guide looks at the pros and cons of pellet grills compared to other types of smokers, so you can decide if they are right for you. We look at and discuss their ease of use, the quality of food they produce, how much cleaning and maintenance is required, and more.

An electric smoker on a wooden balcony, door open and stuffed with food to smoke.

Are Electric Smokers Any Good? — Top 7 Reasons to Buy One

What makes electric smokers so easy-to-use, great for beginners and pros alike, and why might you want to own one? Here are our top reasons why you might want to buy one and why we think electric smokers are actually pretty good.

weber smokey mountain isolated on black, next to text describing this review articles content.

Weber Smokey Mountain Review — an All-Time Best First Smoker

The Weber Smokey Mountain is the most popular beginner charcoal smoker on the market. It is consistently recommended to beginners yet still used and loved by many competition pros because it’s that good! Learn all about its features, performance, pros and cons, in my hands-on review after years of use.

gas vs charcoal smoker, written above one photo of each side by side.

Gas vs Charcoal Smoker — Which is Best, or Better, FOR YOU?!

What do we consider best between gas and charcoal smokers? Charcoal...but why? And we also say this with caveats because what’s best for us is not best for everyone. So find out in our latest comparison style article, looking at all the pros and cons, which type will be best for you.

Gas vs electric smoker, written above 2 photos of one of each, both full of meat.

Gas vs Electric Smoker — Which is Best, or Better, FOR YOU?!

This guide compares gas smokers to electric smokers, looking at their respective pros and cons, so you can decide which of the two might be right for you. And please be aware that there’s no one right answer because it highly depends on your particular needs! We explain all below.

Electric vs charcoal smoker, written above one of each, with the electric full of meat.

Electric vs Charcoal Smoker — Which is Best, or Better, FOR YOU?!

Which type of smoker is right for you between electric and charcoal? It mostly comes down to taste or convenience, in my opinion. But that’s not all. You should also consider the initial cost to buy, ongoing costs, reliability, and more. Let’s dig into which we feel is best.