The Science and Theory of BBQ and Low n Slow

Here we take a look at the science of low n slow BBQ. What happens to meat during smoking? Why? Plus facts and figures, and everything 'smoking theory.'

Here is where we go to BBQ school, taking a look at all the science and theory of BBQ, and low n slow smoking.

Many men smarter than I have stated something along the lines of: “The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know!

And this is very true. But it’s also undoubtedly true that the more you know, the better off you are and the better you can do things. And this is certainly true of BBQ.

True mastery of cooking comes from knowing what is happening, why it’s happening, what factors go into achieving specific results, and how we can affect and control those things.

It’s OK to follow a recipe blindly at times. But to riff on things and make things your own, you need to know all about processes and how they affect the outcome.

That’s where this section of the site comes in.

Below we look at things from what the BBQ stall is and how we can charge through it, to what the smoke ring is and how to get one. We look at why and how we inject meat to the reasons for spritzing and mopping foods on the barbecue.

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