The Goal of this Site, and Team Behind it

Our sole mission is to help you grill and BBQ better, by offering practical guides, recipes, and advice on all aspects of outdoor cooking.

Hello BBQ lovers, and welcome to This website is dedicated to the science and art of outdoor cooking, covering every conceivable topic related to BBQ, grilling, and more, including:

  • Grilling guides
  • Barbecue guides
  • Wood-fired oven cooking
  • Rotisserie cooking
  • Recipes (with ingredient lists and step-by-step instructions)
  • Sourcing, storing and preparing ingredients
  • Curing and cold smoking
  • Outdoor cooking equipment buying guides and reviews (BBQs, grills, thermometers, tools and accessories, and more)

The founder, Mark Jenner, started this site with the following mission:

To create the absolute best resource I wish I could have found when I was searching for advice on BBQ, grilling, low n slow smoking, and all and any aspects of cooking and eating outdoors.

The site name itself comes from:

Great Food, Cooked over live Fire, enjoyed with Friends =

And that is exactly what you will learn here! How to cook great food outdoors with live fire and smoke, to share and enjoy with friends and family.

We have to eat three times a day; we may as well make some of it great, right?

Also, we want this site to be a small part of an overall larger online community. We would love to make connections with other people in the BBQ, smoking, and grilling space.

So if you want to reach out, either to ask for or to give us advice, to work together in some way, or purely just to say hello, then please do so!

We have a Facebook page, a Facebook group, and active Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter accounts…come say hello and join the conversation with like-minded BBQ’ers.

And if you have any comments, questions or feedback concerning anything on this site, please reach out to us via our contact page. We will answer everything as best we can.

Happy grilling!

The Team at Food Fire Friends

Profile pic of Mark Jenner in orange t-shirt.

Founder and Chief Editor

Mark Jenner

Mark Jenner has just hit his 40s, is married, and a father to two children.

Before starting up his own online business as an SEO, he was an electronic engineer, and then a technical specialist in the world of CCTV and security systems.

Mark Jenner is, quite literally, BBQ obsessed. He has been cooking outdoors since an early teen, and does so today between 3 and 5 times per week, satisfying his passion for creating great food from raw ingredients over live fire.

He currently owns two Kamado Joes (a Classic V1 and Big Joe V3), a Weber Smokey Mountain, two Weber kettle grills, Weber Go-Anywhere and Smokey Joe portable grills, a Kadai open fire cooking pit, a Mezzo 76 wood-fired oven, an Ooni Karu pizza oven, plus dozens of accessories.

Mark Jenner regularly contributes to this site as an author, is the lead content strategist, and chief editor.

Author and BBQ Lover

Emma Braby

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Author and BBQ Lover

Jim Wright

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Would You Like to Contribute to the Site?

We’d love to feature recipes, how-to guides, and educational info articles from experienced members of the community.

So if you have expert knowledge in grilling, hot or cold smoking, pizza making, making charcuterie, or any aspect of outdoor cooking and would like to share and educate others, please do get in touch using our contact page.