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Jim Wright


  • Senior marketing copywriter at Nourish Food Marketing since 2017.
  • Senior writer and editor at FoodFireFriends since 2017.
  • Has written extensively on topics ranging from barbecue techniques and the best woods for smoking to BBQ product reviews and buying guides.
  • Experienced copywriter specialising in the food industry since 2014, and teacher of copywriting since 2019.
  • Featured on many food publications, and developed content for many food marketing campaigns.
  • Over 20 years of experience BBQ, grilling and campfire cooking.
  • Skilled at product testing and reporting findings.


I’m not going to lie — put me in a kitchen with a stove and ask me to make dinner, and I become paralyzed with anxiety.

That’s why barbecuing has been my sole contribution of value to my family’s nutrition for nearly 20 years. (My kids will back me up on this, even though Cereal Tuesdays used to be a big hit.) I’ve grilled for them over charcoal, wood, propane, and natural gas.

My love of barbecued food goes back to camping as a kid when even the can of beans got cooked over an open fire. Backyard barbecues were a highlight growing up, saving for that time my big brother “accidentally” branded me with an electric charcoal starter. Maybe that’s why I seem to favor gas now?

When I’m not writing about barbecue, I’m probably still writing about food; I’m a copywriter at a marketing agency specializing in food clients. I’ve worked on projects for restaurants, manufacturers, farmers — every part of the food ecosystem, writing everything from social posts to package copy. I’ve also written about US and Canadian law, aquarium fish, and many other topics, some interesting, some not so much.

I’m closer to 50 than I care to admit, though I love to think I don’t look it. Aside from my family and the perfect steak, my passions include travel, all things Disney, Scotch, and model trains. Don’t judge.

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Today we look at the American derived eight primal cuts of beef. We look at their position on the cow, names, sub-primals, and then major cuts they are butchered into. We also look at the best methods of cooking and uses of the produce from each primal.

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Different Types of Peppercorn, Pepper, Their Flavors and Substitutions

Learn all about the different types and varieties of peppercorns. From the common black, through white and green, to the more esoteric pink and red, and even some peppers that aren’t from peppercorns at all. With origins, flavor profile, and uses, there’s a lot discussed here.

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How to Get Crispy Pork Skin and Make Crackling — Right Every Time!

Get crispy pork skin — or even better, full on crackling — by following the simple tips in this guide, that work every time. We also cover a few things to avoid, because you can sabotage your crackling even when you think you've done everything right...when you haven't!

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Tri-tip and brisket are large, very popular cuts of beef for BBQ and smoking, that produce delicious dishes and will impress any guests lucky enough for you to cook for. Learn about each, their differences, and how to choose the right one.

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What is Grilling — And Why Do We Love It So Much?

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