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Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS Review From a Real Owner

Is there such a thing as too many accessories? That’s just one of the questions we’ll answer in our in-depth review of the Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS, a remarkable new grill that seeks to redefine “fully featured” in the gas barbecue segment.

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Last Updated: February 15, 2024

A Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS isolated on black, next to text describing this article as a review.

This Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS review explores a product that redefines what you can expect from a gas grill. It introduces innovative new features yet seen on most common gas grills.

Owning and thoroughly testing every aspect of this grill, I aim to provide a transparent and experienced report on its value and performance. From its smart thermometer to the Gourmet BBQ System, I’ve tested every feature to share a firsthand account of this advanced grill.

Please read on if you want to understand how the Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS gas grill compares to others and whether it’s the right choice for your grilling needs.

Ratings and Final Verdict

Weber Spirit EPX-325S on a patio, with a red Kamado Joe in the background.
Scores Out of 10
Performance and Versatility 10.0
Ease of Use 9.0
Build Quality 9.0
Size and Portability 8.0
Temperature Control and Range 9.0
Cleaning and Maintenance 9.0
Value for Money 8.0

The Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS is a testament to Weber’s commitment to innovation and quality. Its smart features, like the built-in smart thermometer and Wi-Fi connectivity to the Weber Connect app for remote monitoring, make it a top choice for those who appreciate technology-enhanced grilling.

The addition of a dedicated sear burner and the Gourmet BBQ System elevates its versatility, allowing for a range of cooking styles from searing to smoking.

While its high price, reliance on D-cell batteries for the thermometer, and somewhat small casters are drawbacks, the overall build quality and performance justify the investment.

Despite these drawbacks, its robust build quality and user-friendly features make it a solid choice for both novices and seasoned grillers alike.


  • Weber build quality ensures durability.
  • Sear burner is excellent for true, high heat searing.
  • Built-in digital thermometer simplifies cooking.
  • Gourmet BBQ system adds to versatility.
  • Enclosed storage space keeps supplies tidy.
  • Handy condiment rack for easy access.
  • Two stainless steel side shelves and tool hooks increase workspace.
  • Four swivelling casters, two locking, for easy movement.


  • Takes 6 D-cell batteries — That is a lot of batteries!
  • Small casters struggle on uneven surfaces like gravel.
  • Tank shield assembly can be tricky and fiddly.
  • The grill is relatively expensive, impacting budget-conscious buyers.
  • Main grate cleaning is challenging due to the diamond pattern.

Who Should Buy This Product

I definitely consider this a “next level” gas grill.

Looking to replace an older gas grill that’s seen better days? This could be it. If you’re already familiar with grilling and know you’d like to step up your game, the Spirit EPX-325S might be suitable.

To get your money’s worth from it, you’ll want to use it frequently and take advantage of all the possibilities it offers. That could be anything from adding a smoker box to try smoking some meats on occasion to perfecting the reverse sear to adding one of the optional Gourmet BBQ System inserts, like the skillet for making a bacon & egg breakfast.

Cooking with gas is simple and forgiving, so even a complete novice will get the hang of this grill quickly; Weber makes terrific gas barbecues. So, don’t worry if you’ve never barbecued before. Just be sure, if this will be your very first grill, that you’re confident you’ll want to explore all its possibilities.

A less expensive grill with fewer features may be better for you if you plan on keeping things simple.

Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS Smart Barbecue
Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS isolated on white.

A 3-burner gas grill with a 4th dedicated searing burner and an upgraded smart tech package.

With a built-in smart thermometer, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Weber Connect smartphone app, you get real-time temperatures, timers, and alerts right on your phone.

Includes GBS Gourmet BBQ System, porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates with a sear grate insert that can be removed to insert many accessories such as a wok, Dutch oven, or chicken roaster.

How We Scored This Grill

This section explains the ratings I gave and reflect the Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS’s strengths in performance, versatility, and ease of use, while also acknowledging areas where improvements could enhance the overall grilling experience.

Performance and Versatility

The Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS stands out for its versatility and performance. With a 3-burner setup plus a dedicated searing burner, it offers a wide range of cooking options, from slow cooking to high-heat searing.

The Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) further enhances its versatility, allowing for various accessories like a wok, Dutch oven, or chicken roaster (all sold separately.)

And its ability to maintain consistent temperatures and provide real-time feedback via the smart system is a significant plus.

I love cooking on this grill; it really performs brilliantly.

Score: 10/10.

Ease of Use

This grill scores high on ease of use thanks to its user-friendly features, such as the Weber Connect Smart Grilling System, which offers step-by-step recipes to follow, and real-time temperature monitoring on both the grill and your smartphone.

The push-button ignition and clearly marked control knobs contribute to a straightforward grilling experience.

I found the assembly process time-consuming, which might be a minor inconvenience for some. But overall, it couldn’t be much easier to use.

Score: 9/10.

Build Quality

Weber’s reputation for quality is evident in the Spirit EPX-325S GBS. The grill is constructed with durable materials like cast aluminum for the firebox and lid, and stainless steel for the burner tubes and side shelves. The porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates are robust and designed for even heat distribution.

While the overall build quality is high, reliance on many batteries for the thermometer and the small casters could be seen as minor flaws.

Score: 9/10.

Size and Portability

The grill’s dimensions and design balance cooking area and footprint, making it suitable for most patios and decks. However, the small casters, which I found struggle on uneven surfaces, somewhat limited its portability.

The external gas canister storage is a clever design choice, freeing up space inside the grill for storage, but it might affect the grill’s aesthetic for some.

Score: 8/10.

Temperature Control and Range

The Spirit EPX-325S GBS excels in temperature control and range, thanks to its multiple burners and the dedicated searing burner. The built-in Weber Connect system provides accurate temperature readings and alerts, ensuring precise cooking.

However, the need to light burner 1 before others as a requirement for operation Kept irritating me. When I use one burner, it’s a habit I’ve formed over decades to use the one on the far right. I have to light the left tone, then the right, then extinguish the left one. A mild inconvenience until I become accustomed to it.

Score: 9/10.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ease of cleaning is a strong point for this grill. The grease management system simplifies cleanup, including a drip pan with foil liners. The Flavorizer Bars reduce flare-ups and keep the burners clean.

However, the main grate’s design, especially the diamond pattern over the sear station, is somewhat harder to clean than standard grates. But this is a minor issue in the context of overall maintenance ease.

Score: 9/10.

Value for Money

Considering its build quality, versatility, and the inclusion of smart technology, the Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS offers good value for money.

However, its premium price point and the potential additional cost for GBS accessories might not justify the upgrade for those who already own a capable grill or do not need the smart features.

Score: 8/10.

Why Trust Us

Owning the Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS has allowed me to explore its features and performance in-depth. While my background in BBQ and grilling, stretching back to 2005 and testing and writing about BBQ equipment since 2017, equips me with the expertise to evaluate this grill against others I have used in its class.

I’ve spent countless hours researching, comparing, and understanding what makes a grill stand out, including this one. And this review is backed by thorough research, including reading professional opinions and user feedback and experiences, ensuring I have a well-rounded perspective.

I am also dedicated to providing honest, impartial reviews. I am completely independent with no connection or loyalty to any brands or manufacturers, so am free to report however I like.

First Impressions

Weber Spirit EPX-325S gas grill on a a patio, shot from the side.

When I first looked at the Weber Spirit EPX-325S, my eyes immediately went to the enclosed cabinet — and then to the gas canister shield. That’s right; all that space behind the door is available for storage because the propane tank hangs on the outside.

It’s a sturdy, practical-looking grill, as we’ve come to expect from Weber; there’s not much flash, but it exudes confidence like it’s a serious but accessible grill.

Oh, but what’s that bright red knob? It looks like the Spirit EPX has a trick or two up its sleeves!

Feeling good about this one so far. Now it’s time to dig in and see if it’s everything I hope it will be.

Overview and Core Features

Weber Spirit EPX-325S with lid open showing internal gra.

The Weber Spirit EPX-325S is a 4-burner gas grill, including 3 main burners and a separate burner for searing.

Some of the other grills we’ve seen with a dedicated sear burner have it installed in the side shelf. Placing it under the main grate ensures your shelves are always available and makes it easy to shift food to or from another part of the grill.

Another key component of this grill is the onboard Weber Connect Smart Grilling system.

Weber Spirit EPX-325S built in smart grilling system thermometer control pan.

In a nutshell, it’s a built-in digital probe thermometer.

Since we always cook meat to temperature, this is an excellent feature and saves you the purchase price of a stand-alone unit if you don’t already have one. Using the free Weber Connect app, it’s simple to monitor your food as it cooks.

The thermometer supports two probes, and you get one meat probe included. A built-in sensor monitors the ambient temperature.

Not only does it connect to your smart device via Bluetooth or your existing WiFi network, but it also displays the current temperature reading on the built-in LCD screen. This alone makes it a better piece of gear than the iGrill 3.

Under the lid of the Spirit EPX-325S, you can’t miss the circular sear zone in the nearly 410-square inch, 3-piece main cooking grate.

Close up of the Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS gra.

This is directly over the sear burner and has diamond-shaped bars to give you the perfect restaurant-style grill marks every time.

The sear grate is part of Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System. This section lifts out, and you can replace it with one of several optional inserts (available separately), including a Dutch oven, a wok, or a poultry roaster. These inserts open up a ton of options for cooking, turning your gas grill into an outdoor kitchen.

Next we have the storage cabinet and gas canister holder:

The great thing about this is you have two options for where to store your gas canister, with each having pros and cons.

You can either place your gas canister inside the cabinet, behind closed doors and out of sight. But then you have the plastic cage on the side of your grill unused. Or you can place the canister strapped to the side of the grill, hidden behind the plastic cage, freeing up space inside your grill for storage of other items, but it doesn’t look as ‘neat and tidy.’ The choice is yours.

Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS Smart Barbecue
Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS isolated on white.

A 3-burner gas grill with a 4th dedicated searing burner and an upgraded smart tech package.

With a built-in smart thermometer, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Weber Connect smartphone app, you get real-time temperatures, timers, and alerts right on your phone.

Includes GBS Gourmet BBQ System, porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates with a sear grate insert that can be removed to insert many accessories such as a wok, Dutch oven, or chicken roaster.

Unboxing and Assembly

Time to pull back the tape, pop open the flaps, and peek inside the box. Then, we’ll put together our brand new Weber Spirit EPX-325S.

What’s Included

There’s a lot packed into this big box.

Of course, you get all of the barbecue components, including everything to build the stand with storage and the grill itself, the 3-piece main grate (including the sear station insert), 5 Flavorizer Bars, the shelves, tank cover, a grease management system (including drip pan and foil liner), the Weber Connect system, one food probe, 6 D-cell batteries, and 1 AA battery for the ignition.

And there are physical copies of the assembly guide and owner’s manual included.

Ease of Assembly

The Weber Spirit EPX-325S comes seriously knocked down, with many individual pieces to fix together.

I won’t say it was any more challenging to assemble than a typical gas grill, but it was time-consuming; there are so many parts, including everything that goes into the Weber Connect probe thermometer.

I did find the tank shield fiddly to work with. You have to bend it to fit into the frame pieces that give it its shape and some rigidity.

Overall Build Quality

Weber Spirit EPX-325S on a paved patio, shot from an angled v.

Weber has long established itself as a maker of quality grills. They typically use high-grade materials, and the workmanship is way above par. The Spirit EPX-325S is no exception.

The firebox and lid are made from cast aluminum, a durable yet reasonably light material. The lid is porcelain-enameled for aesthetics, durability, and ease of cleaning.

All the burner tubes are stainless steel, as are the twin side shelves. Weber burners have a well-deserved reputation for lasting a long time. Not only are they well made, but they’re also protected by the Flavorizer Bars, the stainless steel “tents” that keep drippings from the grate from ending up on the burners. Instead, they’ll mostly evaporate, turning into flavor-enhancing vapors and smoke.

The three main grate segments are all porcelain-enameled cast iron, and they’re about as good as you’ll find on any grill. They’re heavy, durable, and distribute heat evenly. Even the upper grate, which grill makers often neglect, is porcelain-enameled steel.

Close up of the Weber Spirit EPX-325S upper and lower gra.

Admittedly, the upper grate is very thin. But it’s main purpose is just as a warming rack, not for cooking foods on.

In conclusion, the build quality is great. It looks and feels high quality, and I’m sure will last for many, many years.

The Weber Spirit Epx-325s In Use

All sounds great on paper, doesn’t it? It’s time to put it to the test and see if this new grill from Weber is all it’s cracked up to be.

Ease of Operation

I mean, it’s a gas grill; how hard could it be to use? Yeah, it’s not hard at all.

The push-button ignition works very well, and from there, well, it’s just grilling, isn’t it? Just be sure you light burner 1 before any others because hidden somewhere in the 29-page manual, it states you MUST light burner 1, and then the ignition system lights all other burners from there.

I initially was going to complain about how hard the grill was to light when trying to light only burner 3 for some indirect heat cooking. It just wouldn’t light. But after knowing burner 1 MUST be lit first, then turn the others on, it lights every time. So please bear this in mind.

Anyway, moving on…

Grilling Performance

To test the grilling performance, I decided to reverse sear 4 beautiful ex-dairy cow sirloin steaks.

Four ex dairy cow sirloin steaks on a wooden cutting bo.

For the first stage of cooking, I turned on burner 1 high, burner 2 low, and placed the steaks way over on the right edge for some slow, indirect heat cooking.

Four sirloin steaks on a weber spirit gas gr.

Looking at the thermometer display, and the Weber Connect smartphone app, I could see that the grill maintained a steady 240 °F throughout, only varying by 5 degrees either way. Perfect!

I also used the a probe connected to the built-in Weber Connect thermometer to measure the internal temp of one of the steaks, and pulled them off when the internal temperature of the meat reached 110 °F, ready for the searing stage.

I next turned on all 4 burners to high, to see just how high I could the grill. It got to an impressive 590 °F, as measured by the built in ambient pit probe, and seen in the following Weber Connect app screenshot:

Weber Connect smartphone app screenshot showing the grill hitting 590 degrees Fahrenh.

Now remember, this is the ambient air temperature, a few inches above the grill grates. The grill grates themselves will be way hotter, particularly in the area right above the fourth searing burner and the center circle of the GBS grate! Just look at the diamond shaped grill marks this grill can create:

Two sirloin steaks on a Weber GBS grate, showing grill marks from the diamond patterned gra.

The flavorizer bars also work well to burn fat drippings, creating extra fire, smoke and flavor:

Two sirloin steaks on a gas grill, with flames coming up from the flavorizer ba.

Overall, the searing capability of this grill is excellent! The additional ‘searing burner’ really does it’s job well, helping to create a wonderful dark crust and adding tons of Maillard reaction flavor.

Close up of two seared sirloin stea.

Weber Connect Thermometer and Smartphone App

With the Weber Spirit EPX-325S there comes the Weber Connect thermometer and smartphone app to contend with. After initial setup, it can be used as a simple grill and food monitoring tool, that you can view over Wi-Fi on your smartphone. For this is works well enough and looks fairly decent:

Two Weber Connect smartphone app screenshits showing the app monitoring the grills temperatu.

I own several digital probe thermometers, and I swear by their usefulness. So, while I didn’t need another one, I do enjoy having one built-in for simple cooks.

The Weber Connect app is easy to set up and does its best to take all the guesswork out of barbecuing. To connect, simply turn on the grill thermometer, and enable Bluetooth on your phone. The app then guides you through the connection process:

After the initial connection, it then guides you through Wi-Fi setup:

After Wi-Fi setup, the app might guide you through a software update process if there is one available:

Weber Connect smartphone app screenshots showing a software update for a Spirit gas gr.

The system then goes beyond the usual presets and alarms by having a ‘recipes’ section in which you can choose from a large selection of recipes, for many different cuts of meat.

Weber Connect smartphone app recipe section screensh.

The app then tells you exactly how to cook the recipe, including how to set up your grill, when to flip your food (if applicable), and provides an estimated countdown timer to your target temperature, all while showing you your grills ambient temperature, and the temperature of your meat. And of course you can see this anywhere on your smartphone where you have an internet connection.

Having said all the above, as of the time of writing (5th July 2022), Weber Connect’s connection stability is not as reliable as the Weber iGrill app. I repeatedly saw a ‘can’t communicate with’ message pop up, both during setup and use, that shows the app disconnecting from the grill. An example of this you can see below:

Weber Connect app screenshot showing a message 'can't communicate with' when it loses connecti.

Although it seems to reconnect quickly, and it doesn’t really affect the ability to monitor remotely, it’s not ideal. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fix its performance-limiting issues soon; iGrill once had similar troubles, but now it’s an excellent bit of software.

Temperature Control and Accuracy

Once a burner is lit, you can use the infinite control knobs to adjust the grill temperature and your flame height as desired.

There are 3 burners, allowing you to setup different heat zones. And when you want to all out grill and sear, there is an additional ‘searing burner’ control knob that turn son a 4th burner to really ups the heat when required:

Close up of the Weber Spirit EPX-325S searing burner control k.

The accuracy of the ambient and food temperature probes is good, and measured within a couple of degrees Fahrenheit of my Thermoworks Signals digital thermometer, and Thermapen One instant read thermometer respectively.

I’m more than happy to rely on the accuracy of the probes and the temperatures they display.

Ease of Cleaning

Close up of drip pan inside the Weber Spirit EPX-325S gas gr.

The drip pan is easy to access inside the storage cabinet – much better than grills with rear-access pans. Not a lot of grease ends up here, thanks to the Flavorizer Bars, but it’s still worth using the foil insert liners to make clean-up even easier.

Any stainless steel surface can be wiped off with a dry cloth, or try stainless steel wipes for major messes. The porcelain-enameled lid also wipes clean easily.

The only tricky part is cleaning the main grate. Because the sear station has a diamond pattern rather than parallel bars like the rest of the grate, you can’t readily use one of those wooden paddle-style cleaners. Instead, you’ll need a grill brush of some kind to do the job.

Warranty and Support

Weber provides one of the better warranties in the business. Here’s how it breaks down (pardon the term) for the Weber Spirit EPX-325S:

  • Cookbox and lid: 10 years no rust- or burn-through / 2 years on paint (excluding fading or discoloration)
  • Burner tubes: 10 years no rust- or burn-through
  • Cast iron cooking grate: 5 years no rust- or burn-through
  • Steel cooking grate: 2 years no rust- or burn-through
  • Flavorizer bars: 2 years no rust- or burn-through
  • Electronics: 3 years
  • Everything else: 2 years

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again: for as much as I like Weber grills and Weber as a company, I detest their website. However, IF you have the patience to sift through it, you’ll find some potentially helpful FAQs and access to an online support form. Just fill it out with your question and wait for a reply.

Generally speaking, Weber is reliable when it comes to working with customers to ensure their satisfaction.

Weber has an official presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, and some useful and interesting content can be found there. Plus, there are many unofficial owners groups on social media that you may find helpful should you run into trouble – you’re almost certainly not the first, and you’ll usually find a host of opinions on what you should do.

Summary of Our Findings

Weber Spirit EPX-325S on a patio, photographed from the front.

What We Like

To say the Spirit EPX-325S is versatile is an understatement. Between the Gourmet BBQ System, the sear burner, and the built-in Weber Connect Smart Grilling System, there’s not much you can’t do with it, from grilling to smoking and everything in between.

Obviously, including a smart digital probe thermometer is a huge plus, particularly for someone who does not already own one. They’re pretty much essential gear for anyone serious about barbecuing delicious meat.

The entire grill is extremely well set up and full of user-friendly features. You get enclosed storage space, a condiment rack, 2 stainless steel side shelves, 2 tool hooks, and four swivel casters — two locking — for easy maneuvering on a patio or deck.

What Could Be Improved

The Weber Connect thermometer runs on 6 (6!!) D-cell batteries. That is a lot of big, heavy batteries. You have the option to power it off a 5V micro-USB input, and I’d recommend that if you have access to a wall outlet.

I don’t love the casters. They’re fine on smooth surfaces but not great for negotiating heaved patio stones or cement, and don’t even think about trying to roll around on gravel.

Do We Recommend the Weber Spirit EPX-325S?

Yes, we do. But, this recommendation depends very much on whether you’re the right fit for this grill.

It’s an excellent barbecue, and I enjoy cooking on it. As is the case with all Weber grills, it’s well-built, user-friendly, and highly reliable.

But it’s also relatively expensive.

If you already own a good Bluetooth/WiFi digital probe thermometer, there’s no good reason to pay the difference between this grill and another excellent gas grill – the Weber Spirit E-315 GBS, for example.

This is because I don’t consider the sear station a compelling accessory; there’s no reason you can’t sear perfectly well over a “normal” burner.

The Gourmet BBQ System is a worthy upgrade, though, if you’re inclined to cook anything and everything on your grill.

What does this all boil down to?

As I described earlier, if you’re a novice griller who wants to replace a basic barbecue with a major upgrade in terms of versatility, you should be all over this thing. But, if you’ve already got a bunch of grilling gear, the Weber Spirit EPX-325S is probably not the best buy for your money.

Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS Smart Barbecue
Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS isolated on white.

A 3-burner gas grill with a 4th dedicated searing burner and an upgraded smart tech package.

With a built-in smart thermometer, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Weber Connect smartphone app, you get real-time temperatures, timers, and alerts right on your phone.

Includes GBS Gourmet BBQ System, porcelain-enamelled cast-iron grates with a sear grate insert that can be removed to insert many accessories such as a wok, Dutch oven, or chicken roaster.

Note: At the time of writing, this grill is exclusively available only from Weber themselves, at the link below.

Alternative Products

Weber Spirit II E-210 GBS Gas Barbecue

weber Spirit II E-210 GBS isolated on white.

The Weber Spirit II E-210 GBS Gas Barbecue is a compact yet highly efficient alternative for those seeking a smaller footprint without sacrificing performance while saving a few hundred dollars.

Its GS4 high-performance grilling system ensures consistent and reliable cooking results, while the porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates retain heat exceptionally well for even cooking and are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring longevity and durability.

This model’s open cart design provides convenient access and additional storage for grilling tools and accessories, enhancing its practicality. The folding side table is a thoughtful feature, allowing for space-saving when the grill is not in use, making it perfect for smaller patios or balconies.

Comparatively, the Spirit II E-210 addresses some of the limitations found in the Weber Spirit EPX 325S GBS, particularly in terms of size and mobility. Its smaller footprint and foldable side table make it an ideal choice for those with limited outdoor space. Moreover, the Spirit II E-210’s design simplifies the grilling experience without compromising on the quality of the cook, offering a straightforward, user-friendly interface that may appeal to those who find the smart features of the EPX 325S GBS more complex than necessary.

In terms of cost, the Spirit II E-210 GBS Gas Barbecue is considerably more affordable than the Weber Spirit EPX 325S GBS, offering significant savings without a substantial compromise on performance or quality.

Napoleon Rogue SE 425 RSIB

Napoleon ROGUE SE 425 RSIB isolated on white.

The Napoleon Rogue SE 425 RSIB is a superior choice for those looking to upgrade their grilling experience, addressing some of the limitations found in the Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS.

With its robust stainless steel construction, the Rogue SE 425 RSIB is rust-resistant and offers a stylish addition to any outdoor cooking space.

This grill boasts three main burners, complemented by a rear infrared rotisserie burner, enhancing its versatility for a wide range of cooking methods, from slow spit roasting to high-heat searing.

One of the key advantages of the Napoleon Rogue over the Weber Spirit is its integrated sear station, which utilizes infrared heat to achieve incredibly high temperatures for perfect steakhouse-quality sears.

The ease of use of the Rogue SE 425 RSIB increases with its battery-free ignition system, which guarantees immediate lighting of the burners with a jet of flame, offering a more reliable start-up compared to the Weber’s electronic ignition that requires batteries.

Cleaning and maintenance are simplified with Napoleon’s dual-level stainless steel sear plates that catch and vaporize food drippings, protecting the burners and keeping the grill cleaner. This feature addresses the common complaint about difficult cleanup associated with many grills, including the Weber Spirit.

In terms of pricing, the Napoleon Rogue SE 425 RSIB typically comes in at a slightly higher price point than the Weber. However, the additional features, enhanced durability, and improved cooking performance justify the investment.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Weber Spirit EPX-325S is a niche grill; to those for whom it makes sense, it makes a LOT of sense, and I know you’ll love it. It’s an investment, but one that will pay rich and delicious dividends if you take advantage of all it can do.

Still searching for your new grill? Despair not — we are chock full of honest and exhaustive reviews to help you out. Scroll to the top, find the Equipment tab, and click on Grills. Or, try the search function for more specific inquiries.

Whatever grill you pick up, leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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