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Weber Genesis II E-310 Review — is This the Gas Grill for You?

The Genesis is one of Weber's premium lines of grills, well-built, feature-rich, and made for those who want the very best and are willing to pay for it. Have they hit the mark? Find out in our review where we put it through its paces and compare it to the rest of the field.

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Last Updated: January 25, 2024

weber genesis ii e-310 isolated on black.

There are some people out there who think all grills are created equal, and that all you need is a fire and a cooking surface to get the job done. I happen to agree with the second part, but not the first!

Maybe you know that person (or perhaps it’s you) who’s turned an old car rim and a grate or the drum of a washing machine into a barbecue?

Well, I suppose it’s true that you can get the job done with the most basic equipment. But, if you genuinely value the experience of grilling AND you like food that tastes delicious, you’ll want something a little better.

Today we’re checking out a sleek, high-end gas grill in our Weber Genesis ii e-310 Review.

The Weber Genesis II E-310 Outdoor Gas Grill promises a superior grilling experience compared to many of its competitors.

Is there really such thing as a “premium” propane grill? What’s this GS4 Grilling System Weber wants us to buy into?

All these questions and more are about to be answered. And for the record I personally bought, own, and regularly use this grill. And I love it.

Weber Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill in A Nutshell

Weber Genesis II E-310
weber genesis II E-310 isolated on white.

A high-performance 3-burner gas grill from the market leader, Weber. The Genesis II E-310 GBS is built to last, is iGrill 3 ready, has a GBS grate to accept many cooking accessories, and is a joy to use while producing quality food.

With this grill, Weber has taken all the features people love about gas grills and ‘premiumized’ them.

As with all propane and natural gas grills, convenience and ease-of-use are the main selling points of the Genesis II E-310, including instant-on burners, even heat, and virtually mess-free cooking.

But, this grill does all that with high-end parts, engineering, and construction. This means you get precision control over your ‘cue and elevated performance.

It’s ideally suited to grillers who love to cook all the barbecue favorites like steaks, burgers, chops, and more to absolute perfection. Plus, with three burners, you can set up multi zone cooking for roasts, whole poultry, and other large cuts.

A Few Words About Weber

It all started with a buoy. An employee of the Weber Brothers Metal Works named George Stephens was trying to build a better backyard barbecue than the shallow brazier-style grills that were common back in the early 1950s.

If you need a break already, you can watch a video about the history of Weber here:

In a nutshell, George happened upon the idea of cutting a buoy, the main product of Weber Brothers, in half. The bottom became the firebox, and the top the lid.

It worked like a charm, and soon all his friends and family wanted one. Then he started selling them commercially. Eventually, George would buy out Weber Brothers and turn it into one of the best-known barbecue companies in the world.

What’s in the Box?

  • Owner’s manual/assembly guide
  • Firebox including grates, heat deflector, and Flavorizer Bars
  • Hardware and parts for stand/cart
  • Control console and igniter
  • 3 burners
  • LPG tank connection
  • LPG tank scale
  • 2 wheels, 2 locking casters
  • 2 side shelves
  • 1 AA battery

First Impressions

weber genesis II E-310 on a small wooden d.

The two-tone gray exterior with that enameled black lid definitely looks the part of a premium grill. It has a clean appearance, without a lot of flash. If it could talk, it would say, “Well, hello there,” where many grills are saying, “Wazzup!” The bottom line — it looks like a barbecue for a serious griller.

Weber added shields to partially conceal your 20-pound LPG tank on the right side, and that also helps the aesthetics. Have you ever seen a good-looking propane tank?

Wisely, the large, durable wheels are located on this side, too, for extra support and ease of maneuvering. And, with two swiveling casters at the opposite end, you can reposition the Genesis II E-310 with ease.

Since the grill rests on an open cart, it doesn’t feel overly bulky. But, there’s lots of storage space between the slatted lower shelf and the wire shelf that holds the grease drip pan.

I’m liking the look of the twin stainless steel side shelves, too as it feels like something from a professional kitchen. Weber has used high-quality materials throughout like porcelain-enameled cast iron, and stainless steel.

Why do Customers Choose the Weber Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill?

weber genesis II E-310 on a wooden deck with the lid o.

Weber is a name known throughout the barbecue world from novices to pitmasters. But there’s more than just name recognition — there’s trust in the brand that keeps people buying Webers over and over.

The Genesis II E-310 is an upgrade from your average gas grill and tops our list of the best propane grills roundup. It’s an ideal replacement grill or step-up for someone looking to expand their grilling options.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Dimensions (H, W, D): 47” x 59” x 29”
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • Portability: Semi-permanent location
  • Fuel type: propane
  • Cooking area: 513 sq. In. primary; 156 sq. In. Warming rack
  • BTUs: 3 × 13,000 = 39,000
  • Preheat required: 10-15 minutes on high

Key Features

  • GS4 Grilling System
  • Push-button electronic igniter
  • Stainless steel Flavorizer bars
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron grates
  • 2 x stainless steel side shelves
  • 3 individually controlled burners
  • Fuel gauge
  • iGrill 3 compatible

If you’ve ever lit a gas barbecue with a match, you know how great a push-button ignition system is. This is the safest way to light a grill and the fastest. Plus, each burner ignites independently, with infinite adjustments between “on” and “full,” giving you total control over your heat distribution.

While we’re on the subject of gas, the worst thing about using propane is running out mid-cook. With the built-in fuel gauge, you’ll always know how much is left in the tank.

High-quality porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates are not only easy to clean, but they’re also highly durable, and they spread heat evenly. This means less temperature variation across your cooking surface, meaning you can cook all over with consistent results.

Down in the cook box, the Flavorizer bars are doing their thing, turning drippings into delicious, flavor-enhancing smoke, taking you beyond regular gas grilling.

One point we are always stressing is the importance of owning a good digital probe thermometer. Why? Because meat cooks to temperature, not to time.

Weber sells its own line of thermometers, the current iteration being the iGrill 3. The Genesis II E-310 is iGrill 3-ready, featuring a mounting point for the app-driven, multi-probe thermometer.

And what about that GS4 Grilling System? Well, that’s the umbrella term Weber uses for the 4 central components of this grill: the Infinity Ignition, High-Performance Burners, Flavorizer Bars, and Grease Management System.

You can also optionally purchase this grill — as I did — with the GBS grate system.

A close up of the Weber GBS grate system inside of a Genesis gr.

The GBS grate system allows you to remove an almost centrally positioned circle section of grate, so you can insert things such as a wok, paella pan, chicken roaster, Dutch oven, and many more excellent accessories.

All these parts are high-end, featuring superior construction and functionality. They aren’t individually groundbreaking, but together they provide a noticeable step-up from your average gas grill, and even from lower-cost Weber barbecues.

Ease of Use

Like most gas grills, the Genesis II E-310 scores big in this category.

Push the ignition button to light up your burners. Wait a few minutes for heat to build up. Cook your food. It’s really that easy!

No charcoal, no lava rocks, no wood, not even electricity to worry about. However, it’s a versatile grill, so you won’t outgrow its simplicity down the road. You’ll just appreciate it more as you learn.

As you can see in the photos in the carousel above, I also manage to smoke roast with this grill. I bought a small wood chip box that sits nicely under the grates, load it with wood chips, and can add a nice smoky flavor to foods, such as with this spatchcock chicken.

The size and ease of use make this grill highly versatile.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The weber genesis II E-310 grease collection .

Part of your regular maintenance routine will be emptying the grease pan. The open cart makes it easy to access this pan, and if there’s any build-up, just remove it with a plastic scraper. If you’re used to the empty soup tin hanging under the firebox, this will seem revolutionary.

Grease also helps to muck up the inside the lid; greasy vapors and smoke collect there and carbonize, hanging like black stalactites in a cave. Actually, it looks more like peeling paint. Just knock off these flakes and scoop or vacuum them up to prevent them from getting onto your food. While you’re at it, use a plastic scraper to clean out the cook box.

Cooking grates will need cleaning after each use; your best bet is to scrape them while they’re still warm after cooking, and then anything left over will burn off during preheat. Use a stainless steel brush or a wooden barbecue paddle.

Food also collects on the Flavorizer bars, heat deflectors, and burner tubes, so you’ll need to gently scrape or brush them clean, too, for optimal performance and minimal flare-ups.

By the way, Weber has installed bug screens over the ends of the burner tubes to prevent unwanted guests from taking up residence. Brush these clean now and then to keep air flowing.

Use stainless steel cleaner on any appropriate spots on the exterior (such as the shelves) to keep them looking their best. Warm, soapy water is your best bet for plastic and enameled parts.

Available Support

As with a certain insurance agency, you’re in good hands if your Weber Genesis II E-310 gives you trouble.

If you’re a DIY problem-solver, head to their website and download the manual and schematics for a start. If that doesn’t help, review the FAQ section to see if someone else had, and solved a similar problem.

Since you’re at the website anyway, why not try the live chat box and see if they can help you? Finally, you can send an email or use the online form to submit your question.

Enjoy getting social with brands and their fans? Pick your favorite social channel and follow Weber on your phone — they’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Weber has a deservedly good reputation for backing up their products (10-year warranty — hello!) and offering support to their customers. With 230 reviews on the Consumer Affairs website, they’ve got a 4-out-of-5 rating.

Over on the Better Business Bureau site, they’re rated A+, and the few negative reviews are mainly from complainers who could probably never be made happy, anyway.

With a legion of fans out there, you’ve got plenty of unofficial ways to engage with other Weber owners. First and foremost is The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board. Check it out for enough threads to keep you reading for months.

If you’re a Facebook user, there are several groups you can join to talk all things Weber including:

Available Upgrades, Accessories, and Attachments

weber genesis II E-310 in its cover, on a wooden d.

The Genesis II E-310 offers numerous opportunities to upgrade and enhance your grill. Which of these you’ll really need will vary depending on how you like to grill.

For example, if you like roasts and other large cuts, investing in the iGrill 3 digital thermometer makes total sense.

Do you like whole chicken? Maybe the optional electric rotisserie has your name on it.

If steaks and chops worthy of Instagram are your thing, you’ll want the sear grill, with the sought-after diamond pattern built-in for no-fail grill marks.

There’s even a griddle that’s perfect for eggs, pancakes, bacon, and more. They also offer an array of pans, baskets, and racks.

Even if you buy nothing else, however, make sure to pick up a Weber Genesis cover to protect your grill (as seen in my photo above). A properly fitted barbecue cover will help you keep your grill in tip-top shape for years by shielding it from rain and snow.

Warranty Details

The warranty couldn’t be any simpler: you get ten years coverage on all parts, excluding normal wear and tear, fading, and discoloration. So that’s covering manufacturer and material defects, rust-through, and burn-through. For a decade!

Your best bet is to register your new grill with Weber online. Should there ever be a problem, give them a toll-free call seven days a week, send an email, or use their online form to launch a warranty claim.

Summary of Pros and Cons


  • Premium feel and build quality throughout
  • Large enough to create different heat zones, and even to use a smoker box for some smoke roasting
  • Ugly propane tank mostly hidden
  • Grease management system that actually works
  • Easy to move with 4 wheels
  • Even heat from front to back
  • Flavorizer bars make everything taste better


  • Storage would be easier with fold-down shelves
  • Upper warming rack is shallow compared to some other grills, but could still hold a half-dozen burgers or 3-4 open buns

Quick Tips to Get the Best Out of the Weber Genesis II E-310

  • Take advantage of the many optional grill inserts to expand your cooking options
  • Keep those high-performance burner tubes clean to maintain your grilling advantage
  • Gas grills get very hot — leave room on your grate (about ¼ of the total surface area) to move food in a hurry to avoid burning

Should You Buy the Weber Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill?

Weber Genesis II E-310
weber genesis II E-310 isolated on white.

A high-performance 3-burner gas grill from the market leader, Weber. The Genesis II E-310 GBS is built to last, is iGrill 3 ready, has a GBS grate to accept many cooking accessories, and is a joy to use while producing quality food.

If you think gas grilling no longer has anything to offer, and you’re considering giving it up, you may want to think again. This grill performs beautifully and provides the precision control and versatility you need to think beyond the basics.

As an upgrade from a starter grill, or an alternative to a full-on outdoor kitchen, this is a terrific choice.

Other Models Might Suit You if

  • You need more cooking surface area for big crowds
  • You’d prefer a fully-portable propane experience

Final Thoughts

In terms of both looks and performance, the Weber Genesis II E-310 gas grill packs a punch. Plus, it’s easy-to-use for beginners and offers room for growth.

We’re very impressed with this well-thought-out grill that goes beyond the basics without blowing the budget.

If we haven’t answered all your questions in our Weber Genesis ii e-310 review, be sure to get in touch via the comment section below, or hit us up via email. We’ll always do our best to answer! Plus, we love hearing your grilling stories and experiences.

Thanks for reading, and all the best off the grill to you.

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Written By: Mark Jenner

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I love cooking outdoors over live fire and smoke whatever the weather, and I currently own over 30 grills and smokers of all varieties that I frequently cook on to produce epic food.

My goal with this site is to help as many people as possible enjoy and be good at doing the same.

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  1. Avatar for Peter Sturman Peter Sturman says:

    Submarine someone is offering to sell a still in the box brand-new Weber e310. I would have to drive an hour to get it I am using a Honda CRV not even sure it would fit in the back and there’s the issue of assembly how difficult is it to put this thing together? If I need to recruit somebody to do it who would you recommend calling what type of person?

    1. Avatar for Mark Jenner Mark Jenner says:

      Hi Pete. They aren’t difficult to assemble, and there’s full instructions in the box. Have you got any friends or relatives that can help?

  2. Avatar for Al rosenow Al rosenow says:

    I didn’t get assembly guide/instruction manual with my spirit propane grill. Could really use one. Having problems mounting igniter. Please reply. Thank you

  3. Avatar for Michael Foster Michael Foster says:

    Just to say best grill I’ve ever owned. Over 10 years old and just had to replace burners and flavorizer bars(for 2nd time) I grill average 3 days a week and on weekends. Quality of this grill unreal. Everything came apart easily after all this time and back together just as easily. Never buy the cheap c*** again. Weber is forever,,

  4. Just purchased this exact model yesterday to replace my 23 year old Weber gas grill that needs a few components that make it not sensible to fix. Gets delivered on Wednesday can’t wait to use it. ABSOLUTELY LOVE WEBER PRODUCTS.

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