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From full-sized grills to portable models for camping or tailgating, from charcoal and gas to electric models – Here is a collection of grill reviews, buying guides and recommendations.

Not everybody has the same wants and needs, and that certainly applies to the right grill. But what we do all want is quality and effectiveness.

There are quite literally thousands of different grills on the market, from small portable grills to those with 1,000+ square inches of cooking surface, running on gas, charcoal or wood pellets, and from under $200 to well over $4,000.

Now, price isn’t always indicative of performance, and spending big bucks for only infrequent use wouldn’t be wise anyway.

So in this section of the site, you will find grill reviews and buying guides that cover the whole gamut of available grill types, from highly affordable to high-end.

Whether you’re looking for a portable grill to use on the balcony of a small apartment as a couple, or a huge stainless steel combination grill with side burner and rotisserie to feed a crowd, you’ll find the best grills for you in our guides.

Have a browse below, and click through to our buying guides to narrow down your search to only the best grills available on the market today, or check out our articles for more targeted grill reviews if you have a particular model in mind.

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