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Napoleon 22 Inch Pro Charcoal Kettle Grill – Hands on Testing and Review

For years, Weber has been the reigning King of Kettles, the Chancellor of Charcoal. Napoleon, ever the conqueror, is trying to take the crown with the 22” Pro. Will they win the Game of Grills? Find out in our hands-on testing and review of the Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2.

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Last Updated: February 15, 2024

A Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 isolated on black, next to text describing this article as a review.

This Napoleon PRO22 Charcoal Grill review offers an in-depth look at a grill that’s making waves in the barbecue community.

With a reputation for quality and innovation, Napoleon’s charcoal kettle grill entry promises to deliver superior heat distribution, robust build quality, and user-friendly design.

Having owned mine for well over a year and extensively using this grill myself, I can say the insights shared here are drawn from hands-on experience. I share firsthand observations on its functionality, pros and cons, overall cooking performance, and ultimately, whether or not it’s value for money.

By the end of this review, you’ll know if the Napoleon 22” Pro Charcoal Kettle Grill deserves to hold court in your backyard.

Let’s start with my ratings on various factors and a summary of my overall verdict.

Ratings and Final Verdict

napoleon pro22 on wooden deck.
Scores Out of 5
Performance and Versatility 10.0
Ease of Use 9.0
Build Quality 9.0
Size and Portability 8.0
Temperature Control and Range 9.0
Cleaning and Maintenance 8.0
Value for Money 9.0

The Napoleon PRO22 offers a high-quality grilling experience, with thoughtful design features and little touches that just plain work. And it has excellent build quality from materials that will last.

The grate system is impressive. Hinged for easy access to the coal bed and adjustable with 3 different heights to aid in temperature control. Combined with the stainless-steel heat deflector and easily adjustable top and bottom vents, this grill’s temperature control, range, and overall versatility is top-notch.

I have successfully grilled, smoked, and roasted on this grill numerous times over 2 years, and it’s my go-to grill now for out-and-out grilling. I use my kamados or pellet grills more often for smoking, but I have roasted indirect and smoked ribs using the snake method on this grill, which performed wonderfully well.

While it performs brilliantly, the lack of tool hooks and the slightly wobbly build are minor drawbacks. And the challenge of cleaning wave-shaped grates means extra work over standard parallel bar grates.

Despite these drawbacks, its overall value and capability make it a top recommendation for beginners and seasoned grillers. I would strongly urge anybody looking at buying the industry-standard Weber kettles to at least consider a Napoleon PRO.


  • Top-notch build quality among kettle grills.
  • Adjustable grate height for quick and easy temperature changes.
  • Improved air control system (top and bottom vents) for precise temperature adjustments.
  • Hinged grate sections for adding charcoal or wood without hassle.
  • Offset hinged lid prevents lid damage and arm burns.
  • Heat diffuser for even and efficient charcoal burning.
  • Cast iron wave grates excel in searing and prevent small items from falling through.
  • Large ash catcher simplifies cleanup.
  • Durable enamel steel body ensures longevity.


  • Lack of tool hooks to hold your spatula and tongs
  • Wave grates are harder to clean than standard grates.
  • The grill is a bit ‘wobbly’ compared to others I own. I cannot see it ever falling over, but I would have hoped for better stability.
  • Price may be higher compared to simpler, basic models.

Who Should Buy This Product

Honestly, anyone who appreciates the simple pleasures and incredible flavors of charcoal grilling will benefit from owning this grill.

Its versatility opens up so many possibilities for extending your repertoire past sear-and-serve cooking. Beginners and more experienced charcoal grillers looking to up their game will love the Napoleon 22” Pro Charcoal Kettle.

Now, some folks’ll choose to never go beyond the basics of speed-grilling steaks, burgers, sausages, and the other usual suspects won’t take full advantage of the multi-position cooking grid. If this is you, then this grill’s price means you’d be better off with something simpler and cheaper.

Still, wouldn’t you rather have more options than fewer? And something that will likely last for decades?

Napoleon Grills PRO22K-LEG-2 Charcoal Kettle Grill
napoleon pro22k-leg-2 isolated on white.

A professional charcoal kettle grill featuring a high-quality build, easy access hinged lid for safety, Napoleon’s WAVE-shaped porcelain coated cast iron grids for distinctive grill marks, and three cooking heights for increased temperature control. Also incorporates an enhanced air control system for precision, a stainless heat diffuser for even cooking, and an easy-to-clean large ash catcher. And its durable enameled steel body ensures it will last for years.

Our Ratings Explained

This section provides a clear breakdown of the ratings we’ve given for the different factors scored.

Performance and Versatility

The Napoleon PRO22 Charcoal Grill shines in its versatility and performance with its design, allowing for a range of cooking methods, from grilling and slow roasting to smoking.

The adjustable cast iron grids, which can be set at three different heights, and the hinged sections make adding charcoal or smoking wood during cooking a breeze.

I’ve cooked multiple meals on mine, from hot and fast grilling of steaks and chops to slow-smoked ribs, and it performs brilliantly every time.

Score: 10/10.

Ease of Use

This grill is designed with user convenience in mind. The hinged cooking grids for easy charcoal addition and the ACCU-PROBE™ temperature gauge for accurate monitoring make it user-friendly, as does the hinged lid that is angled to the side so it doesn’t need to be entirely removed and swings out of the way.

However, the lack of tool hooks for utensil storage or any side table detracts slightly from its ease of use.

Score: 9/10.

Build Quality

Napoleon’s PRO22 Charcoal Grill boasts a high build quality with a porcelain-coated steel body, cast iron cooking grids, and stainless steel in the heat diffuser and extension ring, ensuring durability and longevity. The grill’s construction is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use.

However, I find it less solid than expected with a slightly wobbly stand. Stability is not an issue; it will never fall over, but the slight wobble has to affect the overall score slightly.

Score: 9/10.

Size and Portability

The Napoleon PRO22 offers a good balance between the cooking area and footprint, making it suitable for both small family dinners and larger gatherings. And its design considers portability with a manageable weight and integrated wheeled stand.

However, there are grills on the market with 4 wheels, or at least 2 and 2 casters, so it cannot score full marks here.

Score: 8/10.

Temperature Control and Range

Its top and bottom vent Vortex system and temperature gauge allow for precise control, and the ability to adjust the cooking grids’ height adds to this control. However, mastering airflow for optimal temperature can be challenging and has a bit of a learning curve.

It performs well after some practice but will never be as easy to control as a gas or pellet grill. For a charcoal grill, though, it’s up there with the best.

Score: 9/10.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Easy to clean with a removable ash catcher, but I find the unique Wave grates are harder to clean than the standard parallel bar grates on all my other grills, slightly lowering its score in this category.

Score: 8/10.

Value for Money

Considering its build quality, versatility, and the range of features it offers, the Napoleon PRO22 Charcoal Grill presents good value for money. It’s priced competitively within its category, offering features that are often found in more expensive models.

However, the absence of certain conveniences as standard features, such as tool hooks or a side table, affects its perceived value against some competitors that include these features at a similar price point.

Score: 9/10.

Overview and Core Features

Like any charcoal kettle, the 22” Pro is built to maximize heat circulation throughout the rounded interior. It’s a bit like a convection oven, but without the fan; heat moves naturally up and around the cooking chamber for even cooking all around your meat.

The first key feature you need to know about is the stainless belt I discussed earlier. This belt adds height to the kettle. Why? So you can position the cooking grid at one of three heights. It’s a game-changer for charcoal grilling.

At the highest position, your food is at the maximum distance from the heat source. This is ideal for low ‘n’ slow cooking, including smoking and roasting, or grilling delicate items like veg or fish.

Drop it to the bottom, and now you’re cooking just above the coals. Here, you’ll achieve the highest possible temperatures, making it the position of choice for putting a killer sear on your steaks and chops.

The middle position covers everything else, such as burgers, chicken, and other BBQ staples.

Now, let’s talk about the heat diffuser.

Close up of the Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 heat diffuser inside the b.

When you unpack your new grill, you’ll find what looks a bit like an old-school hubcap in the box. This stainless steel dome is perforated with large holes around its circumference, and it rests directly on the charcoal grate, smack dab in the middle.

When you add your charcoal, you mound it right up and over the diffuser, as well as out onto the grate. The holes allow air to more easily and evenly flow into your charcoal pile, allowing them to burn more efficiently. Additionally, it reflects heat upwards and outwards, so you aren’t wasting heat in the bottom of the grill. The results should be a faster, more even cook and fewer partially burnt charcoal pieces.

Staying with the cooking experience, let’s zoom in on the cooking grid. It’s a three-piece grate featuring two hinged sections.

Two photos side by side of Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 hinged gra.

The purpose of these fold-up sections is to provide access to the charcoal below during a cook. Simply flip it back (with tongs, not your fingers!), and you can toss in more charcoal or smoking wood without disturbing your food.

Also, they aren’t fixed in place, so you can divide the grid completely for easier cleaning.

The final key feature I want to cover is, appropriately, the lid. Many kettle grills use a lift-off lid that fully detaches from the bowl. The better versions provide a hook somewhere to hang the lid while you tend to your food, but many leave you searching for a safe place to set the hot metal dome.

Napoleon did away with the problem by adding a hinge, so the lid folds back much like we see on gas grills and offset smokers.

Close up of the Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 lid hi.

No more searching for a burn-proof place to set the lid or holding it like a shield while you flip your food.

Even better, the hinge is offset; instead of lifting straight back, it goes off to the side at a bit of an angle. The advantage here is that your hand doesn’t have to cross the airspace of the cooking grate, so you won’t risk singeing your arm when you peek under the lid.

Photo showing the hinged, offset lid of the Napoleon PRO22K-LE.

Manufacturer Specs

  • Primary cooking area: 365 square inches.
  • Dimensions: 40”H x 23”W x 28.5”D (63.25”H with lid open).
  • Weight: 62 pounds.
  • Build materials: porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates, stainless steel diffuser, heavy-gauge steel charcoal grate, enameled steel lid, and bowl.

Why You Can Trust Us

Not only do I own this grill, but I’ve spent countless hours using it, comparing its performance directly with other grills in my collection.

My background in BBQ and grilling since 2005, and testing equipment and writing about it on this site since 2017, means I’ve owned and used a wide array of grilling equipment, giving me a solid foundation to assess the PRO22’s capabilities.

But this review is not just the culmination of personal experience. I also researched the opinions of fellow BBQ enthusiasts and experts alike. I’ve sifted through countless reviews and discussions to bring you a well-rounded view.

Finally, I am completely independent and have no brand sponsorships or connections, so I can give honest and unbiased opinions.

Napoleon Grills PRO22K-LEG-2 Charcoal Kettle Grill
napoleon pro22k-leg-2 isolated on white.

A professional charcoal kettle grill featuring a high-quality build, easy access hinged lid for safety, Napoleon’s WAVE-shaped porcelain coated cast iron grids for distinctive grill marks, and three cooking heights for increased temperature control. Also incorporates an enhanced air control system for precision, a stainless heat diffuser for even cooking, and an easy-to-clean large ash catcher. And its durable enameled steel body ensures it will last for years.

In-Depth Review and Test Results

From here you can see I unbox the grill, assemble it, and cook a few items to test out all its features.

Unboxing and Assembly

Let the fun begin! Let’s unpack this grill and get it together. Is an engineering degree required? Let’s find out.

What’s In the Box?

  • Owner’s manual
  • Kettle bowl and lid
  • Stainless steel heat diffuser
  • Ash catcher
  • Legs, wheels, and lower shelf
  • Cooking grid
  • Charcoal grate

Ease of Assembly

Overall, it wasn’t difficult to put together. Many parts, like the charcoal grate and the cooking grid, simply drop into place.

Assembling the stand was a little fiddly, but nothing too stressful. The legs, in particular, were moderately awkward. There are some screws to align as you attach the lower vent ring and the spring hinge, and those require some patience to get them in just right.

Expect to spend 30–45 minutes assembling your new Napoleon Pro 22” Charcoal Kettle.

Overall Design and Build Quality

Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 shot from the side, on a wooden deck.

The kettle has long been established as an ideal shape for a charcoal grill. Napoleon has taken it up several notches with the addition of all the amazing features we’ve covered.

They must have had some intense brainstorming sessions when they designed this one because it delivers all the things missing from most other kettles. That includes the most practical lid on the market and a lower storage shelf that actually has enough room to store stuff.

Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 storage sh.

And you just can’t beat the 3-position cooking grid. Not only does it open up your cooking choices, but it’s also incredibly easy to raise and lower the grate. Just grip the two handles, spin until the notches on the grate line up with the interior support tabs, and lower it to your desired position. Rotate it a bit, and now it’s resting on the tabs. Piece of cake!

The build quality is great, as you’d expect of Napoleon, the pride of Canadian grilling. Aside from the previously mentioned finicky screws for the hinge and legs, the whole barbecue is as solid as you’ll find in the kettle market.

The enameled steel lid and bowl are made from heavy gauge steel. They aren’t especially thick, but that’s usually the case with kettles.

I’m highly impressed with the hinged cast iron cooking grid. It’s thick and heavy, coated for durability and ease of cleaning, and I like the WAVE pattern, a signature of Napoleon grills.

Napoleon signature wave pattern grates inside a PRO22K-LEG-2 charcoal gr.

Not only do they increase surface area contact with your food, but they also prevent stuff like asparagus from slipping through into the charcoal, and you won’t get your sausages or wieners stuck in a rut.

Unfortunately, as is typical with kettle grills, the wheels are cheap plastic. You can argue that kettle grills are very light, easy to move around — I can lift and move them on my own — so they don’t need big, durable, rubber wheels. But for me, I’d have liked to have seen better.

Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 wh.

First Impressions

Well, it’s a kettle grill. At first blush, it looks like a dozen other grills that you might see lined up at the local home improvement store. But, wait a minute…

What’s up with that wide strap of stainless steel wrapping around the equator of the grill like some kind of wrestling belt? Not only is it intriguing, but it also adds some flash to the basic black kettle. In addition, the upper vent and thermometer combo and the lid handle all look sleek and modern, further contributing to the stylish good looks of the 22” Pro.

I’m very happy about the four-legged integrated stand versus the tripod some companies offer. It inspires much more confidence regarding stability, especially in combination with the wire grid shelf locking them all in place.

Construction is about what you’d expect — porcelain enameled steel bowl and lid, super shiny and easy to wipe clean. The hinged lid fits snugly, if not completely air-tight, and the overall fit-and-finish is excellent.

Under the lid is the cast iron cooking grid, and it’s a rugged son-of-a-gun. This might be the best grate I’ve seen on a charcoal kettle grill. Other high-quality stainless steel components include the heat diffuser and ash catch/bottom vent assembly.

Ease of Use

It’s all just words on a page until you light up the charcoal. Time to see what this grill can do.

Of all the charcoal grills I currently or have owned, the Napoleon 22” Pro Charcoal Kettle is among the very easiest and most satisfying to operate.

Once lit and loaded, the charcoal burns easily and efficiently, thanks to the heat diffuser insert. I found the vents simple to operate, and I can make minute adjustments to fine-tune my temperature. (More on that in the next section.)

I just love the hinged lid. It makes it possible to quickly peek inside for a visual assessment, move or flip my food, and then close it up with minimal fuss. So much better than lifting the lid off, hanging it, or setting it aside, and then reversing the process.

And the versatile grid makes it easy to adjust for different cooking styles and to add wood and charcoal mid-cook.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is achieved through the combined use of the top and bottom vents to reduce or increase airflow.

The top vent, right at the peak of the lid, is infinitely adjustable for precise control. The handle is a bit small, but it’s easy to move.

Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 top v.

The bottom vent is adjusted with the large handle attached to the ash catcher. There are five preset notches to move between, and a handy arrow with little icons to show you which way to turn to either raise or lower the temperature.

Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 bottom v.

There is a learning curve to using a kettle grill. You need to play with it a bit, to learn what vent settings lead to what cooking temperatures. But once you do, this grill is easy to control and holds a steady temperature well.

And there is of course a built in lid thermometer! I mean, every grill has them these days, right?

Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 lid thermome.

This thermometer is a reasonable, rough guide estimate of what’s going on in inside the grill. But as always, I recommend the use of a digital grill thermometer to take temps closer to grate level, and more accurately than this lid thermometer will give. It’s ‘good enough’, but a digital thermometer you can manually place will yield far better results.

Grilling and Smoking Performance

The Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 is nothing short of excellent at grilling, and a real joy and simple to use.

I have grilled everything from steaks to lamb chops, chicken pieces to whole chickens, peach slices to plantain, and many other things besides. I have always been able to control temperature with ease, though this does come after my extensive experience of using many other types of kettle grills, such as Weber’s for example.

When it comes to smoking, I have successfully smoked both pork tenderloins (as seen in the images above), and a couple of beef roasting joints. For this I have used both the charcoal snake method, and at other times used the charcoal baskets and vent control to keep the temperature down.

Smoking on the Napoleon isn’t as easy as it is on dedicated smoker BBQs, but it is possible and even relatively easy once you get the mechanics down. It takes practice and experience, same as it does smoking on any kettle style grill, but once you get it the Napoleon does very well.

I would class the Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 as a ‘swiss army knife of outdoor cooking’, much as I would Weber kettle grills. You can smoke, roast, grill, bake and more on it with the right techniques and good temperature control. But you may well want to venture onto something a little easier to control and with more grate space if you get serious with your BBQ smoking. However, for out and grilling it is fantastic and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

Napoleon WAVE grates are not my favorite things to clean. The curves make those wooden scrapers impossible to use, and I don’t love the scrunched metal brushes. A stiff nylon brush is the best bet. Having said that, the coating is effective at minimizing residue.

Close up of Napoleon wave pattern gra.

The various stainless steel parts are easy to wipe clean, as are the enameled lid and bowl. Of course, I always recommend a cover to protect any grill stored outdoors, but I like to wipe it down with a damp rag to keep it shiny and new-looking.

Close up of the Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 gr.
This is how the grill body cleaned up with simple dish soap and water, followed by a rinse, after a handful of uses.

Thanks to the internal curvature, most of the ash and debris ends up in the large ash catcher at the bottom. It’s like having an ashcan attached to the grill at all times. Just turn the handle all the way to the right (this is the same handle used to open or close the bottom vent in fixed increments), and the can slides down and out for easy disposal.

Two photos showing the Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 ash catcher attached and remo.

Fuel Consumption

I speculated earlier that the diffuser would help my charcoal burn more efficiently and leave me with fewer wasted coals. This seems to be the case. Compared to other kettle grills I own, this Napoleon results in fewer unburned coals.

Regarding fuel consumption, it’s on par with Weber kettles or almost any kettle I’ve ever owned and used.

Kettle grills are much the same, tend to be the same size, have similar top and bottom vents and airflow, and are only made of medium thickness materials, so they aren’t super insulated. This results in pretty much all kettle grills having very similar charcoal fuel consumption figures. So I wouldn’t let this factor into buying decision.

Napoleon Company Overview, Support and Warranty

Napoleon is an award-winning Canadian company that’s become an international sensation with a reputation for innovation and quality.

Now over 40 years old, their diverse array of products covers gas, electric, and wood fireplaces, home heating and air conditioning, outdoor heating, and all manner of grills — electric, gas, and charcoal. The grill line-up runs the gamut from outdoor kitchens priced in multiple thousand dollars to a portable kettle for well under a hundred bucks.

Online support includes assembly videos for every ‘cue they offer and an array of maintenance videos, too. There are answers to many of the questions you might have in the searchable FAQ section. You’re also welcome to phone Customer Solutions toll-free for assistance.

Napoleon is known for offering one of the longest warranties in the industry. The 22” Pro Charcoal comes with 10-year coverage on the lid and bowl, 5 years on the air control system and the cooking grids, and 2 years on everything else. Should you need to initiate a warranty claim, you can start that with the online form.

If you like being social with your brands, you’ll find Napoleon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Not surprisingly, there are lots of fan-run Napoleon groups on social media, and these are great places to turn for help.

What Others Say

At the time of writing, this is the customer feedback at some major online ecom stores:

  • 4.7/5 from 28 reviews.
  • 4.6/7 from 34 reviews.

The review of the Napoleon PRO22 charcoal grill at HomesAndGardens is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting its generous cooking capacity, quality build, and ability to achieve high, consistent heat for hours. It’s praised for its durable porcelain cast iron cooking grids and customizable airflow for complete control during cooking. However, the review notes the higher price point, especially for the cart model, and mentions the initial assembly challenge and the grill’s preference for briquettes over lumpwood charcoal due to grate design. Despite these minor issues, the grill is recommended for those seeking a high-quality charcoal grill that delivers excellent smokey flavors.

Review Summary

Two photos of Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 from different ang.

Now that we’ve given it a thorough going over, here’s a summary of the pros and cons and our recommendation. Does the Napoleon 22” Pro Charcoal Kettle Grill deserve a spot in your backyard?

What We Like

The adjustable grate makes it tempting to use the Napoleon 22” Pro every time I go out to grill since I know I can cook practically anything on it. And it’s so easy to reposition! I love the hinged sections, too, for tossing in some wood without needing to shuffle my food around.

Speaking of hinges, I’m a huge fan of the offset-hinged lid. This makes life so much simpler and safer. Unfortunately, if you want a hinged lid on a Weber kettle grill, you have to buy and install a third-party kit.

I wasn’t too sure about the UFO-shaped heat diffuser at first. But, based on my experience, it really does seem to work as advertised, helping my charcoal burn evenly and efficiently.

What Could Be Improved

My only gripe about this grill is the lack of tool hooks. Yes, you can buy them as an add-on from the accessories shop. But why couldn’t they come standard or be integrated into the handle, like they are on the Weber Mastertouch and Premium kettles?

Is it Value for Money?

Although it is relatively expensive, considering all the innovative features packed into this kettle and how well it performs, I’m surprised it isn’t more expensive.

I consider this great value and am very pleased with my purchase.

Do We Recommend the Napoleon 22” Pro Charcoal Kettle Grill?

Yes! This is my new favorite charcoal grill and my top recommendation. I own two Weber kettles, an original and a Mastertouch, but I always use the Napoloeon now for out and out grilling (with my Weber Original relegated to full time charcoal rotisserie grill.)

I love cooking on my PRO22, and I use it a lot. It’s suitable for charcoal newbies and pros alike, thanks to the ease of operation, array of features, and unmatched versatility.

Napoleon Grills PRO22K-LEG-2 Charcoal Kettle Grill
napoleon pro22k-leg-2 isolated on white.

A professional charcoal kettle grill featuring a high-quality build, easy access hinged lid for safety, Napoleon’s WAVE-shaped porcelain coated cast iron grids for distinctive grill marks, and three cooking heights for increased temperature control. Also incorporates an enhanced air control system for precision, a stainless heat diffuser for even cooking, and an easy-to-clean large ash catcher. And its durable enameled steel body ensures it will last for years.

Available Accessories

For all the goodies they give you, of course, Napoleon kept a few things in reserve that you might want to add on. (Actually, they have a massive catalog of add-ons and branded accessories. These are ones I’d consider must-haves.)

First and foremost, to customize your charcoal layout options, grab a pair of charcoal baskets. They’ll hold your coals right where you want them for easy set-up of 2-zone grilling. I bought these right away.

Overhead shot of Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 charcoal bask.

Secondly, you’ll want a cover. Ensure you get the version for the LEG model of the 22” Pro Charcoal Kettle and not the version with a cart. The cover fully covers the grill except for the wheels and the two feet. There’s a band of mesh about three-quarters of the way up for ventilation.

Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 in co.

For optional accessories, you might also want the stainless steel wire warming rack for toasty buns and holding cooked food until you’re ready to serve.

Lastly, the tool hook bracket will be a no-brainer for some, especially given the low cost. Made of stainless steel, it hangs from the rim of the bowl and provides three hooks for your tools. I didn’t purchase this as I have so many other options for hanging tools, but it’s a nice thing to have.

Alternative Products

if the Napoleon PRO22 doesn’t quite float your boat, take a look at these two alternatives.

Weber Master-Touch Charcoal Grill 22″

Weber Master Touch charcoal grill on a paved patio, with the lid open and in the holder.

This grill addresses several of the Napoleon 22 Pro’s limitations, offering a robust set of features catering to novice and experienced grillers alike.

One of the Master-Touch’s best features is its Gourmet BBQ System® compatibility, which allows for various cooking styles by simply swapping out the center of the grate with specialized grillware. This system enhances the grill’s versatility and makes it an excellent option for those who enjoy experimenting with different grilling techniques.

It also has a hinged cooking grate that facilitates easy fuel addition; the bars are standard parallel ones, so cleaning them is easier too.

Ease of use is significantly enhanced with the Tuck-Away™ lid holder, which conveniently slides the lid to the side of the grill. This feature eliminates the need to place the lid on the ground or search for a spot to hang it, addressing a common inconvenience found in many kettle grills.

There is also the inclusion of tool hooks on the lid handle for hanging grilling tools, such as spatulas and tongs, something missing from the Napoleon.

The Master-Touch also has excellent build quality, with a rust-and-crack-resistant, porcelain-enamel finish that ensures longevity and durability.

In terms of size and portability, they are much the same.

Temperature control and range are excellent due to the grill’s innovative design features, including charcoal baskets that organize charcoal for optimal heat distribution.

Cleaning and maintenance are simplified with the Master-Touch, thanks to its easy-to-clean surfaces, efficient ash management system, and one-tocuh ash removal system that scrapes the ashes into the collection bowl.

Regarding cost comparison, the Master-Touch and the Napoleon 22 Pro are priced competitively, with the Master-Touch often offering slightly different features and equal build quality for a similar or slightly higher investment.

Check out our full Weber Mastertouch review for more details.

PK Grills PK360 Grill & Smoker

PK Grills pk360 grill and smoker, isolated on white.

The PK360 Grill & Smoker stands out with its innovative design and superior construction, addressing many of the limitations found in the Napoleon 22 Pro.

Constructed from rustproof, weatherproof cast aluminum, the PK360 ensures durability and longevity and offers enhanced heat distribution thanks to aluminum’s superior heat conductivity compared to steel. This design eliminates hotspots, ensuring an even cook across 360 square inches of cooking surface.

The PK360’s capsule shape and four-point venting system provide precise control over heat and smoke, a significant advantage for both grilling and smoking tasks. This system allows for easy adjustment of cooking zones, making it simple to switch between direct high heat and indirect low heat, a flexibility that caters to a wide range of cooking styles from searing to slow smoking.

Moreover, the PK360’s portability is a key feature. It is designed with outdoor adventures in mind, making it perfect for camping, tailgating, or beach BBQs. This contrasts with the Napoleon 22 Pro’s more stationary design and offers a practical solution for those who love to grill on the go.

The PK360 also boasts a larger cooking area and a more efficient use of charcoal, thanks to its intelligent design, which includes a cylindrical air intake that doubles as an ash catcher to keep the workspace clean.

When comparing the average cost, the PK360 initially appears as a higher investment; however, its durability, efficiency, and versatility offer more value in the long run, potentially saving money by avoiding the need for replacements or upgrades.


The bottom line on the Napoleon 22” Pro Charcoal Kettle is: it’s thoughtfully designed by people who get grilling. Honestly, it’s like they made a list of everything annoying about kettle grilling and then eliminated them one by one.

Well done, Napoleon. In this reviewer’s opinion, you’ve snatched the crown off Weber’s head.

If you have any comments or questions about this review, drop me a line through the comment form below. Thanks for reading, and feel free to share the link with all your grilling friends.

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    Cracking review had one for a few years and agree with everything. Combine this with a smoker and you’re onto a winner.

    1. Avatar for Mark Jenner Mark Jenner says:

      It is really good! only use my Weber Kettles for the rotisserie now after buying this grill.

  2. Nice review Mark. Helps my decision to buy a kettle grill. I think it’s worth mentioning that the stainless ring comes ready to adapt a rotisserie. That’s something that interests me the most.

    1. Mark Jenner says:

      Thanks, Greg. Is it you swap out the stainless ring with the ring for the rotisserie? I need to look into that.

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