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The Best Grill Covers in 2022 — We’ve Got You and Your Grill Covered

Smokers and grills don’t come cheap. So protect your investment from the damaging effects of the weather with one of these recommended protective covers. We only list highly-rated covers that have great feedback from previous buyers and existing users and have proven to stand the test of time.

Last Updated: March 23, 2022

A grill cover in bright sunlight on a wooden deck

In this guide we first review five of the best barbecue covers available and tell you why we think they should be on your short list.

Then, we explain why you might want one, and even why you might not. Then we’ll let you know what you should be looking for when shopping for a grill cover.

We all like to protect our valuable investments. That’s why we have things like surge protectors, tie-down straps, and safety deposit boxes.

If you’re seriously into grilling, then you’ve probably invested in a good charcoal grill, or the best gas grill you can afford, or you at least want to get as much life as possible out of what you’ve got, no matter what you paid for it. So what’s the best way to guard your grill?

The simplest, yet most effective way to extend the life of your barbecue is to buy one of the best grill covers.

If you’re in the market for some grill protection, you’re going to want to read this article. Even if you’ve never used a grill cover before, we’re confident you’ll soon see the value.

At a Glance: The 5 Best Grill Covers Discussed in our Guide

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Consider The Original Manufacturers Grill Cover First

Although typically more expensive than a generic 3rd party cover, the covers that manufacturers produce to accompany their grills have many benefits over generic ones:

  • They are made to fit PERFECTLY! Most generic covers semi-fit, by being larger than necessary.
  • The manufacturers covers tend to be better looking, less plain, and look better in your garden.
  • Original manufacturers tend to use better, more durable materials than generic brands.
  • Original manufacturers covers tend to come with a longer warranty, and will have better support in case of an issue.

So for me, I like to buy the actual covers that are made especially for my grills. However, I can of course see the sense in going 3rd party in order to save money! So with that in mind, up next are the best available today.

Our Top 5 Picks in Our Search for the Best Grill Cover

Let’s get up-close-and-personal with five excellent covers that should be contending for your dollars.


Grillman Premium Waterproof Grill Cover

♔ Recommended

This heavy-duty cover ticks all the boxes for durability, including resistance to water, UV, and tearing. It’s not a bad looking cover, but we’re not ready to declare it a work of art, either. The Grillman logo is the most prominent design feature.

The large Velcro straps should be easy-to-use and ought to do a good job keeping the cover securely in place. They’re a little more evident on the Grillman than on some other covers we’ve seen, which detracts slightly from the appearance, but that’s not a major complaint.

The Grillman premium waterproof grill cover covers (sorry) all the bases when it comes to protecting your barbecue. And if it doesn’t, the lifetime replacement guarantee should take care of you. It’s a solid product from a reputable manufacturer. Buy with confidence.


  • 58” L × 24” W × 48” H
  • PVC-lined Oxford cloth
  • Waterproof
  • UV-resistant
  • Tear-resistant
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for wind resistance
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Suited to most major brands including Weber, Char-Broil, and Brinkman


  • Should hold up to most weather conditions
  • Adjustable fit for most popular grills in this size range
  • Best warranty we know of (you can’t have a longer warranty than forever!)


  • Doesn’t fit snug at the bottom, which may expose legs to elements
  • No air vents — if any moisture does get inside, it will be trapped there

For a few more pictures and to order yours now (don’t let your grill suffer another day!), just click on the link.


Icover G21604 Grill Cover

♔ Recommended

An all-black cover with no markings, it’s not a stylish tour de force. It is, however, well constructed with heavy-duty polyester that’s UV protected and water-resistant on the outside, and waterproof on the inside.

All seams are double stitched for extra strength, and Velcro straps at the ends will keep it snug and secure. There is a mesh window at the front to permit airflow and to prevent moisture getting trapped inside, leading to rust or mildew.

The manufacturer provides a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for 60 days and a 1-year warranty.

The iCover G21604 60-Inch grill cover is a simple, no-frills option for covering just about any major branded grill. It comes with many of the key features we like to see on a grill cover, including UV and rain protection and should protect your grill for several years.

If you live somewhere where it rains a lot (I’m looking at you, Pacific Northwest and Scotland!), the mesh window may let more moisture in than it lets out, but for the majority of grillers, it won’t be an issue.


  • 60” L × 22.5” W × 41” H
  • Oxford polyester/canvas with a water-repellent coating
  • Waterproof PVC inner layer
  • Stain-resistant
  • UV protection
  • Mesh air vent
  • Adjustable Velcro side straps
  • One-year warranty / 60-Day money-back guarantee
  • Available in black or khaki
  • Available in 65” and 82” versions


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Easy to reach the Velcro straps
  • Could opt for khaki if you don’t want black


  • No handles
  • Driving rain may penetrate the mesh screen
  • Shorter than many other covers by several inches

Liba Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover

♔ Recommended

For those who like a plain, but effective cover, this one fits the bill. It comes in basic black (or a lighter “Pebble”), and there is no logo or any kind of decorative features.

Handles near the top should make it easy to put on and take off most standard grills of this size. Velcro straps are available on each side to help keep it secure. With thick fabric and resistance to weather, fire, and ripping, this cover should last an acceptably long time.

There’s nothing wrong with a product that just gets the job done without a lot of bells and whistles. The Liba 58-Inch Heavy Duty Grill Cover is a cost-effective product that will provide more than adequate protection for your grill.

While we lament the lack of UV protection, depending on where you live and the conditions where your grill is situated, this might not be a deal-breaker. It does have a 3-year warranty, and a 90-day money-back guarantee, and we think that’s more than fair.


  • 58” L × 28” W × 48” H
  • Heavy fabric
  • Handles for easy covering/uncovering
  • Water-resistant
  • Flame-resistant
  • Tear-resistant
  • Air vents
  • Velcro straps for a tighter fit
  • 36-month warranty
  • Also available in Pebble
  • Suitable for many models including: Weber Spirit models, Weber Genesis Silver B models, Brinkmann, Char-Broil, Jenn-Air


  • Handles are a great convenience feature
  • Resistant to just about everything
  • One of the more extended warranties we’ve seen


  • No UV protection
  • Might be too plain-looking for some people

Victsing Heavy Duty Grill Cover


A decent-looking but straightforward cover that comes in five sizes, but only one color. The logo is attractive and nicely offset; not in-your-face, but adding a splash of color.

Everything about this cover seems durable and well-made from the heavy material to the bound edges and plentiful stitches. There are five available sizes, ranging from 30” to 72”. The material is resistant to most conditions, including dust for you desert-dwellers.

Not only does it look pretty good, but the VicTsing Heavy Duty Grill Cover is also carefully and thoughtfully constructed.

It has all the convenience features other covers have, plus the pleasant addition of a storage bag for those times when you’re not using the cover. Yes, we’d rather see a long warranty, but our guess is this cover will hold up long enough that it won’t matter. Definitely recommended.


  • 58” L × 24” W × 48” H
  • Heavy-duty hydrophobic polyester
  • Inner PVC layer
  • High-density stitching
  • Tear-resistant
  • UV protected
  • Weather-resistant
  • Dust-proof
  • Handles for easy covering/uncovering
  • Adjustable Velcro side straps for tighter fit
  • Includes storage bag
  • Fits most brands
  • Also available in 30”, 60”, 64”, and 72” sizes


  • The storage bag is handy if you only cover your ‘cue over the winter
  • Resistant to pretty much everything
  • Comes in 5 sizes, covering pretty much every standard grill type


  • Velcro is very close to the bottom and may be hard to reach for some people
  • No air vents — but you shouldn’t put a cover on a wet grill anyway
  • One-year warranty is a bit short but better than nothing

Classic Accessories Extra Large Hickory Series Grill Cover


In a nice departure from the usual very dark gray and black covers on the market, the Classic Accessories Hickory Series cover is an appealing tan color. A brown stripe that wraps around the cover at about shelf level breaks it up nicely and gives a visual cue for finding the handles and putting the cover on straight.

The manufacturer’s badge is tastefully small, and right below it is an air vent in the front of the cover. An elastic cinch cord is at the bottom, as are buckled straps for securing around the legs. It should fit snugly and stay in place on most popular barbecues of this size.

This is a smart looking cover that will look right at home on your patio. If you like it, Classic Accessories offers a variety of matching covers for shade umbrellas, patio furniture, table sets, fire pits, and more. There are many useful features, and it appears to be well constructed.

We are concerned about the lack of UV protection, so if you live in a very sunny part of the world or your grill doesn’t get much shade, you might not get a lot of life out of it. Having said that, the limited lifetime warranty makes it an appealing purchase, and numerous consumers given the company glowing recommendations.

Recommended highly, especially for people who live in cool and/or damp climates.


  • 72” L × 22.5” W × 49” H
  • Also available in S, M, L, XXL, XXXL
  • Water-resistant backing
  • Cold-resistant
  • Air vent
  • Click-close straps for tie-down at legs
  • Elastic hem with cinch strap
  • Interlocking seams
  • Handles for easy covering/uncovering
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Suitable for Weber Summit series; Char-Broil Classic Full-Size Charcoal, 6-Burner Propane, Classic 6-Burner, Charcoal/Gas combo; Dyna-Glo 2-Burner Dual Fuel, Dual Fuel DGB730SNB-D, Dual Fuel DGJ810CSB-D


  • Downward facing vent lets out trapped moisture but won’t let any in
  • Adjustable to fit many kinds of grills
  • Light color won’t show fading as obviously as dark covers


  • It’s a long way down to adjust the straps and buckles
  • No UV protection

Why Use a Grill Cover?

Grills come in all shapes and sizes — and all price ranges! If you’ve paid good money for your grill you’ll want to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Even if you bought a bargain barbecue (and there’s no shame in that — I’ve had great food cooked over charcoal smoldering in a tire rim), you still want it to last, and to be clean and ready for use.

Most of us keep our grills outside, and that means they’re exposed to the elements. Rain, snow, wind — these can all do damage to your grill. The biggest threat to the life of your grill is rust. A good grill cover will keep the wet weather away from all the vital metal parts. Not only does rust make your grill look awful, but it will also severely shorten its life too.

Covering also discourages critters from taking up residence inside your cozy grill. I have personally turned on my barbecue and then discovered a pair of mice frantically scurrying away from the flames. Not to worry; I shut it down and escorted them off the premises without any serious damage.

When Would You Not Need One?

There are situations in which one might not need a barbecue cover. For example, if you always store your barbecue in a shed or garage between uses, then that’s probably all the protections it needs.

Likewise, if you keep it under a gazebo or similar shelter you might also get away without one, especially if it’s also partly protected by a wall or fence.

Of course, if it’s constantly in use, maybe for commercial purposes, there’s not much point in having a cover, either.

What to Look for When You’re Choosing a Grill Cover

A gas grill on a balcony, under a cover that is being snowed on.

In a minute, we’ll share our top five picks for grill covers. First, though, here are some of the criteria to consider if you’re doing your own research or heading out on a shopping expedition.


This is one of those times when size really does matter. You want the cover to fit reasonably snug, but not so tight that you struggle to get it on. If you have to stretch it and pull at it to get it on, it’s too tight. You don’t want to fight with it when a storm suddenly kicks up, nor do you want to risk damaging any parts that stick out, like side shelves.

On the other hand, you also don’t want it too large and loose. Though it might be easy to get on, you may end up with moisture issues leading to mold or mildew. In the worst-case scenario, the oversized cover turns into a sail in a windstorm and sends your grill careening across the patio.

Most grill covers fit gas grills, so if you own and wish to cover a charcoal grill, please do make sure the cover isn’t too large and your grill ends up like a pea rattling around in a sock!

Aim for a close fit to keep moisture out, and to reduce the likelihood of it lifting off in the wind. So before you buy, make sure you know the dimensions of your grill, and choose an appropriately sized cover to match, and make sure it fits your grill.

The Look

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting your grill cover to look good! After all, a big barbecue takes up a fair bit of real estate. So who wants to sit in the yard and have a big, ugly cover staring back at them?

Looking good is a subjective topic, so we won’t tell you what you should or should not buy. Just keep it in the back of your mind that you’ll be looking at your cover a lot!

Side note: A great color is of no value if it fades in the sun — see the section below on UV protection.


If you like to grill a lot, then you’ll be pulling this cover off and putting it on over and over. It’s entirely possible you won’t carefully fold it up and set it gently aside each time, either. (Gasp!) For these reasons, and because it will be exposed to the elements at all-times, you want a grill cover made from quality, strong and heavy-duty material.

Look for good stitching, and heavyweight, durable material. You can buy thin covers, and while you might save some money short term, you’ll probably end up replacing it before long. If you really care about your ‘cue, get the good stuff.

What’s the good stuff? Most covers are some form of polyester, and the difference is in the thickness. The unit of measurement most commonly used is Dernier, often shown as the letter ‘D.’ The higher the number before the D, the thicker the material is. A good cover should be at least 600D.


As discussed, moisture is probably the number one enemy facing your grill.

If you live in a very dry climate, rain and snow won’t be much of an issue. For the rest of us, a heavy-duty waterproof cover is absolutely essential for any grill stored outdoors.

Tie-Downs / Fastenings

We discussed the potential for wind to be a problem earlier. If your cover has some kind of tie-downs (like Velcro, buttons, or snaps) or a cinch string, you won’t have to worry about having your cover blown off or, worse, your barbecue blown over because the cover turned into a sail.

UV Protection

Unless you don’t care about how your grill looks (and a lot of us do), choose a cover that has UV protection.

Since your barbecue spends most or all of its time outside, it is constantly exposed to the sun and UV radiation. Without protection, UV will fade the color of your cover in no time. Worse still, it won’t do it evenly, so you end up with a nasty, blotchy looking cover. Not an appetizing way to kick off your deck party!

Be aware, however, that constant exposure to intense sunlight, such as you might get in the southern United States, will eventually fade any cover, UV protected or not. You can help out your cover by keeping your grill in a location that gets at least partial shade.


Although it just sits there doing not much of anything, your grill cover will be exposed to the elements. This can be very hard on the material. A good quality premium BBQ cover will come with a warranty, as should anything the manufacturer has confidence in.

Don’t buy a cover with no warranty and then find yourself stuck if it can’t do the job properly. No warranty probably equals low-grade materials and construction.

That About Covers it

Buying a grill cover makes good sense for almost all barbecue owners. It’s an easy way to extend the life of your grill and to keep it primed and ready for use every time.

If you’re in the market, we hope we’ve pointed you in the right direction. If you weren’t in the market, we hope we’ve shown you why you should be and that you might pick up one of the best grill covers from our guide?

Thanks very much for making us part of your grilling journey today. If you’re passionate about barbecue, this is where you want to be. We invite you to browse the site and see what else we have in store for you. I mean, you could go plunging down the Internet rabbit hole, but who’s got time for that?

If you have any questions or comments about this or any of our articles, please send them our way. Contact info is at the bottom of the page.

Grill on, friends!

I'm a self-proclaimed BBQ nut, and the founder and chief editor here at Food Fire Friends.

I love cooking outdoors over live fire and smoke whatever the weather, using various grills, smokers, and wood-fired ovens to produce epic food. My goal with this site is to help as many people as possible enjoy and be good at doing the same.

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  1. Dave Krull says:

    Need replacement for my Grillman cover. Bar code X001LAVISP. Do you have contact cell # so I can send picture of my cover? Thank You, Dave Krull

    1. Mark Jenner says:

      Hi Dave,

      You would have to contact the manufacturer or search for a suitable replacement online, using the dimensions of your grill as a guide.

  2. I’m looking for one to fit my weber smokey mountain after the last got blown away. But I do not see one suitable in your list. What cover would you suggest?

    1. Mark Jenner says:

      Hi S. Grohl. Any relation to Dave? 😀

      I’ve had a quick just now on Amazon at weber smokey mountain covers, and to be honest, you may as well just buy a replacement for the original. The weber cover is — at the time of writing — $32, and covers from other manufacturers are right on that money, and some cost more. So may as well just get the original, in my opinion?

      For the record, you absolutely do want one. I rarely put mine on (laziness more than anything), and after every bit of rain, the bottom charcoal section is always full of water, and my charcoal grate keeps rusting quite severely.

      Due to the design of the weber, the way the middle section sits inside a raised lip of the bottom section, rain hits the smoker, trickles down, and then enters into this lip and straight into the bottom charcoal section. So a cover for the Weber Smokey Mountain is a must if you ask me!

      Let me what you do and decide?