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Here we take an in-depth look at the science of cooking, different styles of cooking available to the outdoor chef, and cover tips and techniques from knife skills to fire control, from resting meat to brining and dry aging.

We also discuss many cuts of meat, herbs and spices, food preparation, and storage of ingredients.

It’s all critical ‘must-know‘ stuff if you wish to master BBQ and grilling.

Close up of a dry brining prime beef rib with ribs removed, sitting on a chopping board.
Prep & Serving

Dry Brining Guide — Turkey, Chicken, Steaks, Chops and More

Dry brining gets seasoning deep into the meat and not just sitting on the surface, which increases the flavor considerably. And contrary to belief, it does not lead to dryness! In fact, it helps meat hold onto moisture for a more tender and delicious result.

Diagram showing the parts of a knife.
General Knowledge

The Parts of a Knife — The Anatomy of Kitchen and BBQ Knives

In this article, we look at the many different parts of a knife. You will find detailed descriptions, along with illustrations, of each piece of a knife from end to end, so you will be able to understand common terminology when discussing knives with others.

View from the inside back of a microwave, looking out over meat through the open door.
General Knowledge

How Many Times Can You Reheat Food, Especially Meat?

Ever defrosted some food, reheated it, but then found out you didn’t eat all that you reheated? Can you re-store it, then reheat it AGAIN? How many times can you safely reheat food? Does the quality suffer? We explore this in depth below.

A bottle of Stubbs liquid smoke on a wooden cutting board.
General Knowledge

What is Liquid Smoke? How to Make it home and When You Might Use it!

Liquid smoke is made by condensing down real smoke into a liquid form. It’s often used in place of cooking food on a smoker to add a smoky flavor. This article looks in-depth at how it’s made, its flavor profile, and what the experts think about its use.

Kamado Joe dome thermometer being calibrated in boiling water.
General How Tos

How to Calibrate a Thermometer That You Use for Cooking

Thermometer accuracy can drift over time, so they need calibration to prevent false readings that can lead to woefully under— or over-cooked food and potentially even unsafe food. So follow the steps below to calibrate your thermometers, so you can trust them.

Griddle vs Grill: One of each installed in a kamado Joe Classic I.
General Knowledge

Griddle Vs Grill — What’s the Difference? How and What to Cook on Each?

Many people mistakenly call a griddle a grill…and vice versa. But they are different cooking surfaces, suited to different food types, requiring different techniques to use. This guide answers all your questions on griddle vs. grill, so you know how to use each and when you should pick one over the other.

Prime rib on a chopping board with a few sprigs of fresh rosemary.

What is Prime Rib? Where Does it Come From? How to Buy the Best

Prime rib, also known as a standing rib roast, is cut from the rib primal. It’s usually roasted bone-in as an impressive centerpiece for a dinner party, and it’s a fantastic cut for grilling or smoking if your aim is to impress. Learn all about it here.

A porterhouse steak on the grill.

Porterhouse vs T Bone Steak — Differences and How to Cook Them

Porterhouses are T-bones, but not all T-bones are Porterhouses. Confusing?! We do away with the confusion in this guide by discussing the differences between these two premium steaks. We also discuss how to buy, select and prepare each, and how to cook them.

Close up, angled view of portions of meat in a counter.
Prep & Serving

How Much Meat Per Person? — A Guide for Planning any Meal or Feast

When planning a meal or party, you need to know how much meat to buy and cook per person. It’s not always obvious and depends on the type of meat, whether a main ingredient or side and how much weight is lost during cooking. That’s where this guide will help you.

A piece of chicken breast being prepared to marinate in herbs and lemon juice.
Prep & Serving

How Long to Marinate Chicken for Perfect Flavor Penetration

If you marinate chicken too long, it can go soft and mushy. If you don’t marinate long enough, the flavor doesn’t penetrate. So in this guide, we look at just how long you should marinate chicken to achieve perfect tenderness and flavor penetration.

A leg of lamb beautifully roasted and browned showing the Maillard reaction.
General Knowledge

The Maillard Reaction — What is it? And Why Should you Care?

The Maillard reaction is what we traditionally call ‘browning.’ It adds incredible flavor and is something you need to master if you wish to serve food at its very best. Grilling is one of the very best ways to create a seared crust via the Maillard effect, and today we learn all about it.

Stainless steel grill grates being cleaned with a wire brush.
General How Tos

How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates, so They Look Like New

Despite what some people say, that horrible baked-on grease and old food on your grates is NOT extra flavor. It’s dirty, acrid-tasting junk. Get it cleaned off! Here’s how to get your stainless steel grates looking like new and how to keep them that way.

BBQ ribs dripping in thick sauce with a paint brush laying beside them.
Prep & Serving

How to Thicken BBQ Sauce — 11 Easy Ways With Common Ingredients

If your BBQ sauce is a little too runny, but you don’t want to change the flavor, try these eleven awesome tips for thickening. All use common ingredients you already have in your kitchen, so no need to go shopping. You’re bound to have one at hand!

Different smoked meats, slaw and pickles as a BBQ platter on a cutting board.
General Knowledge

BBQ Myths Debunked — 32 Things You Get Wrong About BBQ

Countless tips and tricks get passed around the BBQ community, becoming widely believed as gospel truth, despite many being wrong. So in this article, we list many things people believe — that are wrong — and then say what is actually right. There’s some great learning in here!

Some fish fillets on a plate with lemon after broiling to create a nice sear.
General How Tos

What is Broiling? Can You do it on a Grill or BBQ?

Do you know the cooking technique of broiling? It’s similar to grilling, yet also very different because the heat comes from above, not below. Can this be achieved on our standard BBQs and grills? Why would we even want to bother? Find out below.

Close up of reheated baby back ribs.
General How Tos

How to Reheat Ribs, in Oven, on Grill, Sous Vide, and More

It’s best to cook multiple racks of ribs to make the best of your time and fuel, which leads to storing and reheating them later. But how do you reheat ribs? What is the best way? Here’s how to reheat ribs, keeping quality high as if fresh off the smoker.

Brisket smoking on a two tier grill or BBQ.
General Knowledge

Grilling Vs. BBQ — What’s the Difference? (If There is One?)

There’s BBQ, and there’s grilling. They are both performed outdoors, often on the same equipment, but they are very different things with different goals, despite the terms being used interchangeably. Learn the difference between barbecue and grilling in this quick guide.